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But standing isolated and out of sight of the main house, it made an inviting refuge. When Kimberly spotted the shed after passing the forbidden rock wall she made straight for it. The day was deceptively moderate, considering the season. She'd only taken a light jacket with her when she left the house and after a few minutes of walking through the vineyards she had removed that. Alone at last, she thought wryly, as she curiously plucked open the shed door and peered into the dark interior. She had realized this morning that if she didn't get away for a while she was liable to say or do something that would definitely border on the rude.

Vaguely she wondered how Cavenaugh stood having so many lively people surrounding him. But then, he had grown up in this environment, she reminded herself. And he was a man who carried out his responsibilities. " Kimberly asked Julia hesitantly as Scott's mother swept her on down the hall to the room assigned to her. "For the moment," Julia assured her breezily. "We get a lot of people in and out during the day, of course. Mostly employees who come to see Dare or visit with Mrs. Lawson. Then there are the visits from Scott's friends.

Some of the warm certainty that she had felt herself returned. Kimberly knew that for Cavenaugh the experience had been more than just a casual interlude. Surely she couldn't be deluding herself about something as crucial as that. No, this growing sensation of sureness, of understanding and empathy between herself and Cavenaugh was very much for real. It was, Kimberly decided, almost like the invisible bonds she was building between Amy Solitaire and Josh Valerian. And with that euphoric knowledge blazing in her mind, Kimberly finally managed to go back to work on Vendetta.

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