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Why is there anything instead of not anything? Does God exist? Who am I? Metaphysics is worried with ourselves and fact, and the main primary questions concerning life. This clear and obtainable creation covers the relevant issues in Metaphysics in a concise yet accomplished approach. Brian Garrett discusses the the most important ideas in a hugely readable demeanour, easing the reader in with a glance at some very important philosophical problems. He addresses key components of metaphysics: life causation God time universals own identification fact what's this factor known as Metaphysics? comprises many useful student-friendly gains. every one bankruptcy concludes with an invaluable precis of the most rules mentioned, a thesaurus of significant phrases, learn questions, annotated extra analyzing, and a consultant to net assets. Text-boxes offer bite-sized summaries of key suggestions and significant philosophers, and transparent and engaging examples are used all through.

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If Bill is the world’s only bald man, Bill’s being bald makes true ‘someone is bald’. But if Fred had been the world’s only bald man instead, then Fred’s being bald would have made true ‘someone is bald’. In contrast, a sentence containing a genuine singular term is made true or false only by the states and doings of the object of reference. How things are with other objects is irrelevant. In addition to his theory of descriptions, Russell had a further and more controversial thesis: ordinary proper names are disguised descriptions and, hence, disguised quantifiers.

That is one view. On the multiple-existence theory, individuals exist in more than one possible world. However, this is not Lewis’s view. For Lewis, as for Leibniz, individuals are world-bound. Gore exists in one world (our world) and in no other. How, though, can a possible world not containing Gore be the truth-maker for the sentence ‘Gore might have won the 2000 US presidential election’? Lewis’s answer is that this other world contains a counterpart of Gore (someone very similar to Gore, but not Gore) who does win the 2000 election.

Mackie, N. Pike, A. Plantinga and R. M. Adams. J. L. Mackie, The Miracle of Theism (Oxford: Clarendon Press) 1982. An excellent introduction to all the major arguments for and against God’s existence. Highly recommended. A. ), The Ontological Argument (New York: Anchor Books) 1965. A useful little book, in two parts. In the first part, Plantinga selects presentations of the ontological argument from Anselm, Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz, alongside critical commentaries by Gaunilo, Caterus, Gassendi, Kant and Schopenhauer.

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