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By Jerome Clark

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As a matter of fact in the market, yet trying to find it's the genuine enjoyable. Now, numerous X-Philes and different lovers of the supernatural, occult, and UFOs can sign up for Jerome Clark, as he trips once more to the outer limits of technology and nature in an up-to-date and extended version of his well known paintings. one hundred fifty images.

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Fate 33, 10 (October 1980): 83–88. ———. ” Zetetic Scholar 8 (July 1981): 29–33. ———. The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago. London: Century, 1998. Van Beek, Walter E. A. ” Current Anthropology 12 (1992): 139–58. Tunguska Event A strange event occurred in a remote swampy area of Siberia in 1908 that even now, nearly a century later, continues to spark wonder, controversy, and theories of widely varying plausibility. 14 Cosmic Enigmas At 7:15 on the morning of June 30, a blazing white light two or three times the apparent size of the sun was seen descending over the forests northwest of Lake Baykal near the Stony Tunguska River.

Stone, Richard. ” Discover 17, 9 (September 1996): 60–66, 68, 70–71. ” Sky & Telescope 72, 6 (December 1986): 577–78. Vulcan In 1846 Urbain Leverrier of the Paris Observatory was one of two astronomers to predict where an eighth planet would be discovered. When seen (or at least recognized for what it was) soon afterward, Levierrier’s calculations proved substantially correct. The planet was less than one degree of arc from the position Leverrier had assigned it. The French astronomer had inferred Neptune’s existence from disturbances in the orbit of Uranus.

Ozark farmer Buck Nelson said he landed on the moon one memorable day in April 1955, in the company of Little Bucky of Venus, Little Bucky’s dog Big Bo, and Buck’s dog Teddy. “I was allowed to walk outside and look about a little,” Nelson recalled. “I took a good look at a building so that I wouldn’t get lost, as I was in strange territory, but Big Bo . . went with Teddy and I [sic]. . Children played with several sized dogs. ” Then the gang headed off for Venus. Even conservative ufologists, however, were drawn to speculations about extraterrestrials on the moon.

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