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By Jerome Clark

ISBN-10: 1578593441

ISBN-13: 9781578593446

Delivering the prospective truths of greater than 2 hundred unexplained mysteries, this assortment applies an authoritative, clever, and reasoned exam of wierd artifacts and occasions that experience at a loss for words scientists. It explores quite a lot of phenomena, together with farm animals mutilations, crop circles, spontaneous human combustion, Martian lore, Roswell, Loch Ness, climate phenomena, fairies, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, residing dinosaurs, ghosts, UFOs, pterodactyl sightings, flying humanoids, hole earth, and different soaking up puzzles. alongside the way in which, readers will research of hoaxes, witness the production of varied sleek myths, and study of scary own money owed and startling old files. Documenting the facts and listening to witnesses out, Jerome Clark brings an attractive narrative to the tales, objectively provides their many attainable reasons, and shall we the reader make his or her personal judgment during this oneofakind book.

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Neither do you. Maybe one day we’ll find out. * * * Thank you, as always, to my ever patient and supportive publisher Roger Jänecke, and love, as always, to Helene Henderson, who was my editor before she was my wife and who became my editor again on the first draft of a fat and complicated manuscript. Less happily: When I was a day from completing the manuscript, I received the sad news that my friend and colleague W. Ritchie Benedict had died. Ritchie, who lived in Calgary, Alberta, was an energetic, conscientious inquirer who spent decades scouring old newspapers and journals in search of accounts of anomalous occurrences.

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At the same time, it is just as unwise to fill the explanatory hole with scientifically meaningless or overtly supernatural guesswork based on a host of unprovable assumptions about ultimate reality. It ought to be clear—though the literature on anomalous phenomena (whether written by proponents or debunkers) shows it is everything but that—that we do not know why honest individuals, in all times and places, claim to see things that all evidence and logic tell us do not and cannot exist. Nearly everybody who pays attention to such anomalous testimony can get him- or herself worked into an intellectual and emotional knot over it.

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