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In the summertime of 1947 anything mysterious crashed within the New Mexican wasteland close to town of Roswell. no matter if it used to be an alien spacecraft manned via tiny humanlike beings or—the US government's authentic explanation—a clinical examine balloon has lengthy been a subject matter of passionate debate. Transcending the believer-versus-skeptic debate, anthropologists Benson Saler and Charles A. Ziegler contend that the Roswell tale is better understood as a latest American fantasy. They convey how the story—and its continuous retelling—tap into glossy fears concerning the energy of expertise, the duplicity of the govt., and the ability of the media. UFO Crash at Roswell additionally contains physicist Charles Moore's meticulous account of the way 1947 experiments to release balloon-borne radar reflectors could have ended in the Roswell alien craft delusion.

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The changes in the subplot of Barnett and the archaeologists display this coauthor role of the UFO community in creating successive variants of the Roswell myth. Moreover, Ortutay (1959:191) notes that there usually exists, "side by side with [accepted versions, or] variants, another category—namely, the invariants . . " Such an invariant exists in the form of Version 6 of the Roswell myth, which has been generally repudiated by members of the UFO community for the very reasons cited by Ortutay.

To place Version 6 in context, it is necessary to sketch the history of the Mogul-Roswell connection. In Version 1, Berlitz and Moore (1980: 38) were the first to consider—and reject—the possibility that balloons launched from Alamogordo by New York University's Balloon Group may have been responsible for the wreckage found on the ranch operated by Brazel. These authors were, however, unaware that the unclassified work of the Balloon Group was a part of the highly classified Project Mogul. This link was first uncovered in 1990 by UFO researcher Robert G.

ZIEGLER diated by General Roger Ramey, who commanded the Eighth Army Air Force District (H). Ramey indicated in a radio broadcast that the alleged flying disk was merely the remains of a radar reflector and weather balloon (H). The wreckage Ramey displayed in his office was indeed the remains of a radar reflector that had been substituted for the actual debris found by Brazel, and this "fake" wreckage was part of the government's cover story (V-3). The cover story points to a calculated government policy to deny the reality behind UFO reports (B) for reasons of national security (V-1) and because of concern that "the public might panic" (P).

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