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By Rudolf Steiner, Paul, M. Allen, Rita Stebbing

ISBN-10: 0893452122

ISBN-13: 9780893452124

Truth and Knowledge, primarily Rudolf Steiner's doctoral dissertation, subtitled Introduction to The Philosophy of Freedom," is simply that--an crucial paintings within the foundations of non secular technology. In it, the epistemological foundations of religious wisdom are essentially and logically presented.

Originally released including The Philosophy of Freedom in one quantity, this paintings is key to an figuring out of that seminal paintings (currently released as Intuitive pondering as a non secular Path) and to a extra entire comprehension of the philosophical foundation of Steiner's non secular science.


  • initial Remarks
  • Kant's uncomplicated Epistemological Question
  • Epistemology due to the fact Kant
  • the place to begin of Epistemology
  • Cognition and Reality
  • Epistemology freed from Assumptions and Fichte's technological know-how of Knowledge
  • Epistemological Conclusion
  • useful Conclusion
This e-book is key examining for all severe scholars of anthroposophy.

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Laws in this sense are regulations which the subject prescribes for the objects. Yet one would expect that if we are to attain knowledge of the given then it must be derived, not from the subject, but from the object. e. the thought-form, on the basis of which the conformity to law of the phenomena becomes apparent. Seen in this light, it is obvious that one can say nothing a priori about the degree of certainty of a judgment attained through cognition. For certainty, too, can be derived only from the given.

Then thinking relates these separate entities to each other in accordance with the thought-forms it produces, and also determines the outcome of this relationship. When thinking restores a relationship between two separate sections of the world-content, it does not do so arbitrarily. Thinking waits for what comes to light of its own accord as the result of restoring the relationship. And it is this result alone which is knowledge of that particular section of the world content. If the latter were unable to express anything about itself through that particular relationship established by thinking, then this attempt made by thinking would fail, and one would have to try again.

But the fact that he believed that the a priori laws of pure science could be derived from the rules according to which this synthesis takes place, shows how little this inkling brought to his consciousness the essential task of thinking. He did not realize that this synthetic activity of thinking is only a preparation for discovering natural laws as such. Suppose, for example, that we detach one content, a, from the world-picture, and likewise another, b. If we are to gain knowledge of the law connecting a and b, then thinking must first relate a to b so that through this relationship the connection between them presents itself as given.

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