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Overall examining is the main accomplished instructing advisor for examining to be had! This 352 web page workbook, in particular designed for kids in grade 2, supplies them the assistance they should achieve all points of studying together with major inspiration, sequencing, severe pondering, ABC order, and rhyming phrases. together with an entire resolution key and easy-to-follow instructions this workbook additionally gains examining puzzles, stickers, and a poster for extra studying.

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1) (2) (3) (4) distributive associative commutative identity Correct Answer: (1) distributive. Becca distributed the 4 on the left side of the equation. (Number Theory) 51. Which list is in order from smallest value to largest value? 1, π, 22 7 , 10. 1622 . (Number Systems) 52. A micron is a unit used to measure specimens viewed with a microscope. 00003937 inch. How is this number expressed in scientific notation? 937 × 10–5. The –5 power tells you to move the decimal point to the left 5 places.

Dividing both sides by 4 gives you the solution of 3. qxd 5/1/08 7:15 PM Page 45 Algebra 48. In the accompanying diagram, a ladder leaning against a building makes an angle of 58° with level ground. If the distance from the foot of the ladder to the building is 6 feet, find, to the nearest foot, how far up the building the ladder will reach. 58° 6 ft (1) (2) (3) (4) 9 feet 10 feet 20 feet 12 feet Correct Answer: (2) 10 feet. Since this is a right triangle, a trigometric ratio could be set up. Given is an angle and the adjacent side and the opposite side must be determined.

Distribute –2 on the left side: 13x – 2x – 8 = 8x + 1. Combine like terms: 11x – 8 = 8x + 1. Subtract 8x from both sides: 3x – 8 = 1. Add 8 to both sides: 3x = 9. Divide both sides by 3: x = 3. (Equations and Inequalities) 6. What is the value of n in the equation 3n – 8 = 32 – n? (1) (2) (3) (4) –10 –6 6 10 Correct Answer: (4) 10. You must isolate n by combining like terms. Adding n to both sides gives you 4n – 8 = 32. Adding 8 to both sides gives you 4n = 40. Dividing both sides by 4 results in n =10.

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