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By Bahram M. Askerov, Sophia Figarova

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This booklet offers with theoretical thermodynamics and the statistical physics of electron and particle gases. whereas treating the legislation of thermodynamics from either classical and quantum theoretical viewpoints, it posits that the foundation of the statistical conception of macroscopic houses of a approach is the microcanonical distribution of remoted platforms, from which all canonical distributions stem. To calculate the unfastened power, the Gibbs procedure is utilized to excellent and non-ideal gases, and in addition to a crystalline strong. substantial recognition is paid to the Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein quantum records and its software to diversified quantum gases, and electron fuel in either metals and semiconductors is taken into account in a nonequilibrium nation. A separate bankruptcy treats the statistical conception of thermodynamic homes of an electron fuel in a quantizing magnetic field.

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Inasmuch as the change in entropy with time is related to the change in volume, we can write dS dS dl = · . 136) The constants A0 and A1 in this series ought to be equal to zero. e. dS/dt = 0; A1 equals zero because when changing the sign of l˙ (the motion of the piston down and up), dS/dt changes its sign, which contradicts the law of increasing entropy (dS/dt ≥ 0). Thus, . l>0 . l<0 l Fig. 9. 8 Absolute Temperature and Pressure: Basic Thermodynamic Relationship dS = A2 dt dl dt 35 2 . 135), we get dl dS = A2 .

E. without spending thermal energy, work cannot be performed. For many years, attempts were made to create a machine to carry out work without expenditure of thermal energy. Such a machine would be called the perpetual engine (perpetuum mobile) of the first kind. From the above, the First Law of Thermodynamics can also be formulated as follows: It is impossible to create a perpetual engine (perpeiuum mobile) of the first kind. Heat capacity. Among thermodynamic coefficients, the heat capacity occupies a special place.

E. the state of the system is non-steady. Thus, temperature cannot be negative. 5. The attainment of identical temperature in a system determines the direction of the flow of energy in it: energy from the high-temperature region passes into the low-temperature one. In order to show this, assume that the considered isolated system consists of two parts with temperatures T1 and T2 (Fig. 10). The system, being in the non-equilibrium thermodynamic state, in the course of time ought to pass into the thermodynamic equilibrium and in both the parts the temperature ought to equalize.

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