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By Aleister Crowley

ISBN-10: 0877288879

ISBN-13: 9780877288879

In 1909, Crowley obtained and wrote down his visions within the Sahara. In them, he provides an account of crossing the Abyss and reaching the grade of grasp of the Temple. The center of this publication is a list of his visions of the 30 Aethyres of the Enochian Magick constructed by way of John Dee and Edward Kelley. It comprises Crowleys personal diagrams and the unique typescript of the Commentaries. there's additionally a list of Crowleys magical paintings carried out with Victor B. Neuberg, and comprises the «Esoteric list of the Paris operating» in addition to «The Holy Hymns to the nice Gods of Heaven».

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He cried: I have conquered! Let the Sons of Earth keep silence; for my Name is become as That of Death! When will men learn the Mysteries of Creation? How much more those of the Dissolution (and the Pang of Fire)? I turned me to the West and there was a great Bult;2 White with horns of White and Black and Gold. His mouth was scarlet and his eyes as Sapphire stones. With a great sword he shore the skies asunder, and amid the silver flashes of the steel grew lightnings and deep clouds of Indigo. He spake: It is finished!

8 for it is hidden unto the End of Time. 8 And I answer him: Time 9 is not, save in the darkness of Her womb by whom evil came. And now the wheel breaks away, and I see him as he is. His garment is black beneath the opal 2 veils, but it is lined with white, and he has the shining belly of a fish, and enormous wings of black and white feathers, and innumerable little legs and claws like a centipede, and a long tail like a scorpion. The breasts 8 are human, but they are all scored with blood; and he cries: 0 thou who hast broken down the veil, 8 knowest thou not that who cometh where I am must be scarred by many sorrows?

For I am cold as thou art cold, and burn with thy fire. 2 Radiant are these falchions of my brothers, invisibly about me, but the might of the a:thyrs beneath my feet beareth me down. And they avail not to sever the Kamailos. 3 There is one in green armour, with green eyes, whose sword is of vegetable fire. 4 That shall avail me. My son is he,s-and how shall I bear him that have not known man?

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