Ajaib Singh's The Two Ways: A Commentary on the Gauri Vars of Guru Ramadas PDF

By Ajaib Singh

ISBN-10: 0891420452

ISBN-13: 9780891420453

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S o the farmer asked that same question t o that scholar. And he said, "Well, I a m the most learned man. " S o the farmer kept quiet. And when the food was ready and he invited them t o eat, instead of serving them food for humans, in one plate he had put some grass and leaves, and in the other plate he had hay. " When they realized they had criticized each other and had praised only themselves, they felt very embarrassed, and they left without eating. Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to tell this story very often just t o make the learned people understand that by learning, by becoming scholars, you cannot THE SIGHT OF THE PERFECT MASTER 45 develop humility; by getting a lot of knowledge and becoming scholars, you just wrestle with your mind and it doesn't add to your humility.

Only when the Power of God was working within our body were we able t o use our hands t o feed ourselves. That is why Guru Sahib says here that God has created all the creatures and He Himself is feeding them. He Himself resides in everyone; He Himself is the abode of qualities. Nanak says, Meditate on Naam so that all the sins may be cut. God Himself resides in everyone and God Himself comes in the form of the Master. And H e tells us that you can remove all the sins, if you meditate on the Shabd Naam.

Everybody in this market is selling his things, but we don't want to take this, so why worry about it? " Because that father was wise, he explained to his son also, and he was not affected by the bad things which were said to him in the market of this world. In the same way, when Masters come They know what is good for Them and what is bad for Them. And even if people criticize Them and say bad words to Them, They don't respond in the same tone; They pay no attention to that. Because They know that neither criticism of this world is going to go with Them, nor the praise or honor of this world.

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