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By R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

ISBN-10: 0892810211

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This booklet includes the 1st released result of Schwaller's 12 years of study on the temple of Luxor and its implications for analyzing the symbolic and mathematical techniques of the Egyptians via their sacred architecture. 

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I cannot treat this circle here, since it corresponds to conduits of energy flux that belong to a subtler state of the human body. On the other hand, I cannot remain entirely silent on 53 Between the two, is located terrestrial man, undergoing birth and death. It is interesting to find this organ contained in an "external bony framework," like the carapace of an insect. This characteristic, like the sutures of the skull and the entire shape thus formed by the crown of the skull could be compared with the image of the scarab (a theme treated in Egypt especially under Thutmosis III and Amenophis III, the builders of the Temple of Luxor).

Starting from this premise. I have tried—with neither prejudice nor obstinacy in my hypotheses—to understand little by little what the observed fact might show us. Allowing myself to be guided by the Gothic tradition (which bases the cathedral on the symbol of the Cross, and even occasionally bends the apse in memory of the bowed head of the crucified Lord), I first pictured, as the plan of the base, the outline of a human figure to explain the strange deformation of the architectural plan of the temple of Luxor.

As for the measurement of man, there is one proportion that can be considered as only slightly variable: ratio of the height to the arm span, or fathom (fathom implies circuit). And the tradition of the fathom has come down to us. It is the fathom that plays the greatest role in the measures of the Temple of Luxor, dedicated to the Incarnation of the Spirit, or the Creation of Man. Just as there is little difference between the cubits (the small cubit of 24 digits) of men normally large or small, so the fathom varies little among men who work a lot with their arms.

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