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The Routledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict strains not just the tangled and sour historical past of the Arab-Jewish fight from the early 20th century to the current, together with the dying of Yasser Arafat and up to date proposals for compromise and co-operation, it additionally illustrates the present strikes in the direction of discovering peace, and the efforts to deliver the horrors of the battling to an finish via negotiation and agreed obstacles. In 227 maps, the total background of the clash is published, including:
* The Prelude and history to the Conflict - from the presence of Jews in Palestine sooner than the Arab conquest to the angle of england to the Arabs and Jews due to the fact that 1915

* The Jewish nationwide Home - from the early Jewish cost and the Zionist plan for Palestine in 1919 to the involvement of the Arab global from 1945 to the current day

* The Intensification of the Conflict - from the Arab reaction to the United countries partition plan of November 1947 to the announcement of Israeli independence in may perhaps 1948

* The country of Israel - from the Israeli warfare of Independence and the Suez and 6 Day Wars to the October conflict (the Yom Kippur War), the 1st and moment intifadas, the suicide-bomb crusade, the Israel-Hezbollah battle of 2006, Operation solid lead opposed to the Gaza Strip in 2009, the Gaza Flotilla of 2012 and Nakba Day 2011

* The strikes to discover Peace - from the 1st and moment Camp David talks and the loss of life of Arafat, to the ongoing look for peace, together with the Annapolis convention, 2007, the paintings of the Quartet Emissary, Tony Blair 2007-2011, and the continuing Palestinian look for statehood.


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I L ^ L N,r \ destroyed in 1934) 18 June 5 Arabs killed while u n e I I 6 June Arabs burn 25 dunams of J e w i s h I c r o p s , , , 1. Jew . , . killed .. , 17„July ,* . , •„ 19. July 1 Jew killed < n A A Jerusalem \ • y ^ - v l 21 July A band of 20 Arabs kill >v S~***—\ * Jewish labourers I E i n ^ ^ t/ V J \ Fashkha j \ / I I j I I [ \ J ( I >l 22 May 1 Jew killed \ \ 24 May 1 Jew, 1 Christian and 1 ) Arab killed. The Jews Community Council urges restraint \ 12 June A Jewish carpenter murdered: \ Jj I the murderer flees to Arab village of J J (J Deir Yassin j / 4 July Four Arabs killed / ( 21 July 1 Jew killed \ * 4 >s^«^ \ r \ 5 July One Jew killed 7 July Two Arabs killed 15 July Jewish terrorists kill ten Arabs 26 July One Jew killed / The Arab campaign continued throughout 1938 and 1939.

F l I l i i § s l l i p I * ! £ - 4 § ^ l 3 i | l o g | | ? Ii l l l e n t i l $ » f | ~ ~ | 1 1 1 1 l • . j ^ r i l l Ii I f l o l l i f f ~ | 1 - l l i l s g - s s f [ t l l l i k M l l J | 5 i l . - I f f L . j l •• f l f J c l .... 29 I T H E S E A R C H F O R S A F E T Y 1940 US Congress rejects Bill to open Alaska to Jewish refugees proposal to admit 20,000 German Jewish children ^^^^^^^^u | J ^ m ^j^^^Bf Severe ' introduced r e s t n c t o n s r •• BERMUDA ^ J ^ m f 1 \ ^ ^ CUBA u 1939-1945 Jewish immigration limited to 300 a year ^vS*^^* J agreement on the possibility of an open-door policy for \ / I N^s-^-^ ^~lam^ j^^HLj^^R^^ ^^K^^^^^^^^^^^ S^^jjjj^^^^^^^r ^ Under German occupation or control by December 1941.

I> 1 Jew killed. Arabs Eliahu •^^^ repulsed after 10 hours. Jenin • _. 57 Arabs killed. The SSfi * attackers came from Tubas ^ I 1 Tubas* ? ' - — _ > I 28 Feb Jews beat off an I . „ "TArabattack. 1 Jew, 6 / | Arabs killed [ la Latrun ^—•—I 7 Feb 2 Jews, 2 Arabs killed I " ^«-—' " 8 Feb Arabs kill 6 Jews I Jerusalem J I I 23 Feb Arabs explode a f f \ bomb in the centre of / ( ^ I Jerusalem. 55 Jews killed |\ ) * 26 Feb Arabs attack \ / ^ Hadassah hospital and X 1 \ Hebrew University: 2 Arabs \.

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