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By Christopher McIntosh

This scholarly paintings lines the mysterious Fraternity of the Rosy move, from its inception upon the invention of pop Christian Rosenkreuz''s completely preserved physique in a seven-sided vault to present-day organisations in the United States. McIntosh encompasses a survey of Rosicrucianism in the United States, exploring the latter day survivals of Bacon''s New Atlantis. excellent for college kids of the Western secret culture who wish an creation to Rosicrucianism, with strong assets for extra research

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Will-Erich Peuckert summarizes Sperber's interpretation of this experience: The Third Age is approaching, whose beginning is con­ cealed to the world, except for a few individuals. The most important evidence for this is that in the years be­ tween 1 500 and 1 600 the world has had the same aspect as in the century preceding the birth of Christ. And just as then only a few people were aware of the coming new age-such as the shepherds in the fields and the priest Za­ charias-although it had been announcing itself for a long time, so the beginning of this new golden age is known only to a few.

The work consisted o f three parts, each part examining one o f three realms: the elemental, the intellectual, and the celestial. The first contains a survey of natural magic, the second deals with number symbolism, and the third, which owes much to Reuchlin, treats of the divine names. One of the things that brought Agrippa fame and notoriety was his defense of magic-defined as the wisdom of the Magi and not as the sorcery of the popular imagination. 5 The third book outlines a system of Christian Qabalism, dis­ cussing the Hebrew names of God, the sephiroth, the angelic hierar­ chies, and the heavenly spheres.

His tutors were chosen less for their academic abilities than for their alchemi­ cal leanings, and the young Johann Valentin must have become thor­ oughly familiar with the language of alchemy, as well as seeing some 19 20 0 THE ROSICRUCIANS of the charlatanism that often went with it. His early exposure to al­ chemical imposters would account for the invective against false al­ chemists in the Rosicrucian writings. Johann Valentin Andreae's delicate health prevented him from taking part in the usual children's games, and he grew up a dreamy, quiet, and inward-looking child.

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