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By Bernard Manin

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The thesis of this unique and provocative ebook is that consultant govt can be understood as a mixture of democratic and undemocratic parts. demanding the conventionally held perspectives at the topic, Professor Manin reminds us that whereas at the present time consultant associations and democracy seem as almost indistinguishable, while consultant govt used to be first proven in Europe and the USA, it was once designed against democracy right. the writer identifies the fundamental good points of democratic associations and stories the historical past in their software.

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O n t h e aristocratic n a t u r e of election, see also Isocrates, Panathenaicus, XII, 153-4: t h e ancestral c o n s t i t u t i o n , Isocrates c l a i m e d i n essence, was superior to the present constitution, since under it magistrates were appointed by election (rather than by lot) and it therefore included an aristocratic element alongside its democratic features. Aristotle, Politics, IV, 9 , 1 2 9 4 b 11-14; IV, 15,1300a 8-1300b 5. 27 The principles of representative government tible with democracy, although taken in isolation it was an oligarchic or aristocratic method, whereas lot was intrinsically democratic.

Whatever Aristotle might have said, they did not claim that all must have equal shares in everything. Now the use of lot was not about equality of opportunity since it obviously did not distribute power in accordance with talent. Hansen infers that its only justification could be equality of outcome. Since this was not the view of equality held by democrats, the conclusion is that democrats did not defend lot in the name of their vision of equality. The argument presupposes, however, that the distinction between 62 63 64 Plato, Protagoras, 322 C 1-323 A 4.

A Council of professionals or professional magistrates would have a hold over the Assembly; the presence of experts in the courts would have reduced the importance of the other dikastai. 57 However, the assertion is ambiguous and in any case applies to only one of the uses of lot, namely the selection of magistrates proper. In fact, appointment by lot did not affect the formal definition of functions or powers. The formal powers of magistrates were indeed limited, but this was because they were subject to constant monitoring by the Assembly and the courts.

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