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By T. Morii, C. S. Lim, S. N. Mukherjee

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This booklet presents a unified description of effortless particle interactions and the underlying theories, specifically the normal version and past. The authors have geared toward a concise presentation yet have taken care that each one the fundamental recommendations are in actual fact defined. Written basically for graduate scholars in theoretical and experimental particle physics, The Physics of the normal version and past conveys the thrill of particle physics, centering upon experimental observations (new and outdated) and quite a few principles for his or her interpretation.

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42) was right-handed. This observation results in the conclusion that the v^ is also right-handed, since in the rest frame of ir~~ being spinless, \T and Up run into opposite direction with equal momentum and because of angular momentum conservation, two decay particles must be right-handed. This result is cosisitent with the (1 — 75) factor in the lepton current. e. r ,r- -> e- + v ) ( e w r(7r- -> n~ + i/M) x lo_4 This is completely contradictory to the prediction of the phase space effect. The origin of the strong suppression must be dynamical.

10. In this figure, (a) is the Intermediate Weak Boson Model 31 W (a) (b) Fig. 10 two photon exchange correction to the QED process, e + + e~ —> e+ + e~, while (b) is the two W boson exchange correction to the weak process, ve + e~ —» ve + e~. For the photon exchange diagram (a), since the photon propagator behaves as 1/k2 for large internal momentum k, we have a loop integral J^r for this amplitude, which is finite. On the other hand, for the W boson exchange diagram (b), since the W boson is massive and its propagator has a longitudinal component 1 i fZ^Kv.

The non-Abelian gauge theories of weak and strong interaction is the generalization of quantum electrodynamics(QED), which is the Abelian local C/(l) gauge theory. 1 Quantum Electrodynamics-U(1) model- Let us begin with the Lagrangian C describing the field of a single free fermion with mass m. In the natural unit(/i = c = 1), it is expressed as C(x) = ${x) ( r f d „ - m) tp{x). 23) where ip(x) is a 4-component spinor field of the fermion at point x in four dimensional space-time and du = d/dx11 (n = 0,1,2,3).

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