The Physics of Star Trek, Revised edition by Lawrence M. Krauss PDF

By Lawrence M. Krauss

ISBN-10: 0465002048

ISBN-13: 9780465002047

Absolutely revised and up-to-date to incorporate the most recent discoveries in cosmic technology, "the crucial tubeside significant other for the lovers of the venerable megastar Trek sequence" (Washington Post). What warps if you end up touring at warp pace? what's the distinction among a wormhole and a black gap? Are time loops rather attainable, and am i able to kill my grandmother ahead of i'm born? someone who has ever questioned "could this rather happen?" will achieve helpful insights into the big name Trek universe (and, by the way, the true international of physics) during this fascinating and available advisor. Lawrence M. Krauss boldly is going the place superstar Trek has gone--and past. From Newton to Hawking, from Einstein to Feynman, from Kirk to Picard, Krauss leads readers on a voyage to the area of physics as we now are aware of it and because it could at some point be.

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This problem was not lost on the Star Trek writers, who were aware of the inevitable constraints of quantum mechanics on the transporter. Possessing something physicists can't usually call upon—namely, artistic license—they introduced "Heisenberg compensators," which allow "quantum resolution" of objects. " Heisenberg compensators perform another useful plot function. One may wonder, as I have, why the transporter is not also a replicator of life-forms. After all, a replicator exists aboard starships that allows glasses of water or wine to magically appear in each crew member's quarters on voice command.

The transporter will therefore have to use nonelectromagnetic probes, like neutrinos or gravitons. These have their own problems, but enough is enough.... In any case, one can perform a calculation, given that the Enterprise is using radiation with a wavelength of less than a billionth of a centimeter and scanning an object 40,000 kilometers away with atomic-scale resolution. I find that in order to do this, the ship would need a telescope with a lens greater than approximately 50,000 kilometers in diameter!

Were it any smaller, there would be no possible way even in principle to resolve single atoms. I think it is fair to say that while the Enterprise-D is one large mother, it is not that large. As promised, thinking about transporters has led us into quantum mechanics, particle physics, computer science, Einstein's mass-energy relation, and even the existence of the human soul. We should therefore not be too disheartened by the apparent impossibility of building a device to perform the necessary functions.

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