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Of the recent cross-sectional studies of brain volume in autism cited, two have examined young children aged less than 5 years, at a time when the pathobiology might be relatively active. The disadvantage of this strategy is that children suspected of autism early may tend to be those with serious language or intellectual abnormalities, so the relationships of brain findings to those deficits need to be considered. However, three studies have compared non–mentally Size of the Head and Brain / 27 retarded individuals, with and without autism (although IQs in persons with autism tended to be lower than in controls); such comparisons were made, perforce, in older individuals.

Molecular Pathogenesis of Autism Much of the attention to biologic mechanism in autism has centered on neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Neurotransmitter function develops relatively late in prenatal life, but there may be reasons for focusing neurochemical research on even earlier processes. For example, these same molecules, serotonin and GABA, also function much earlier in gestation as trophic factors (Kriegstein and Owens, 2001; WhitakerAzmitia, 2001).

Sponheim E, Skjeldal O. 1998. Autism and related disorders: epidemiological findings in a Norwegian study using ICD-10 diagnostic criteria. J Autism Dev Disord 28:217–27. Steffenburg S, Gillberg C. 1986. Autism and autistic-like conditions in Swedish rural and urban areas: a population study. Br J Psychiatry 149:81–87. Steinhausen H-C, Göbel D, Breinlinger M, et al. 1986. A community survey of infantile autism. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 25:186–89. Sturmey P, James V. 2001. Administrative prevalence of autism in Texas school system.

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