Download e-book for iPad: The Keys to the Gateway of Magic: Summoning the Solomonic by Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

By Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

ISBN-10: 0954763912

ISBN-13: 9780954763916

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The Fourth Animal or Natural, by Communion with the body & those Inferior things. So that there is no, work in this whole world, so admirable, so excellent, so wonderful, which the soul of man (being associated to his Image of Divinity) standing & not falling; cannot accomplish by its own power, without any external help. Now we have in brief, treated of the Celestial properties of the Soul of man, and the Dignities thereof, & its conjunction to the body; and will now show forth the dignities of the body, & how through each degree of dependency, his Mind ascends into the intelligible World, & becomes more sublime, like unto the Intelligences &c.

Note the fIrst Image of God is the world; of the world, man, of man, beasts; of beasts, plants; of plants, metals; of metals, stones. Observe in things natural, stones & metals have a correspondence with herbs, herbs with animals, animals with the Heavens; the Heavens with the Intelligences, the Intelligences with the Divine properties & attributes; & so consequently with God himself; according to whose Image & similitude, man and all things inclusively were created. So in things Spiritual, the plant agrees with a brute in Vegetation: a brute with a man in sense: man with an angel in understanding, an angel with God in immortality.

And as God moveth & governeth all this world by his Book alone, so man oft times ruleth & governeth his body; Therefore man is Called the other world, & his Other Image of God, because he hath in him self All that is contained in the greater world; So that there Remaineth nothing which is not found Even truly & Really in man, him self performing the same Duties in him as in the Greater World. There are in Man the four Elements, with the most true proprieties of their natures, And also an Ethereal Body, Likewise the Chariot of the Soul in proportion Corresponding to the Heaven.

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