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By E. J. Gold

ISBN-10: 0895560461

ISBN-13: 9780895560469

From a strictly organic and mental perspective, we're destined to a painfully short life as humans. Can whatever rather be performed, in an evolutionary experience, that may free up our complete transformational power and lift us above the futility to which we're almost immediately condemned? This booklet may provide the solutions.

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Rememb er to awaken it again by whatever brin g it back to life . 26 Th e Human Biological Machine as a Transformationa l Apparatus The s p ecifi c activiti e s of the machine are irrelevant in relation to our transform ation ; what really m atters i s w hether the machine i s awake or asleep . In t h i s s e n s e , we must keep in mind that our r e al aim is not transfor m ation . Transformation is a stepping stone to the Work , a special w ay of life which is possible for us o n l y after our essential selves h ave b e e n transform e d , and our m achines are more or l e s s stab l e in t h e awakened state .

W e q uickly c o m e to u n dersta n d the sinister p urpo s e o f social rit u al ; we see h o w it h e l p s to p e rpetu ate t h e m ach i ne ' s sleep ! W e see th at life i n the ordin ary s en s e i s rit u a l ized because a sleeping machine works o n ly for its own s u rvival , and it m u s t continue to function d ay after day , without a master . If our work is to really b e g in in s l e e p , we m us t somehow bring ourselves to the realization , w ith the full impact of t ruth , that the machine is really asleep; t h e n we w ill h ave taken the first real step toward crushin g t hat p ersonal vanity behind which i s insecurity , b e h i n d which i s a d eep fear which w e can only allow to e x p r e s s its el f as vanity , which will not allow us to admit even to ourselves t h at we h ave falle n from our h igher state , that we have b e come corrupted by our biological bapti s m , o u r total immersion i n the slee p of the h uman m achine .

He might further be able to deduce a method of using his body, mind and emotions for his own evolution-while still remaining a fish in a tank-and he could conceivably, if he is very fortunate, also discover a use for his life, if he could find a way to activa'te his own inner evolution. In doing so, he would inevitably discover in the course of events a much higher purpose than his own small purposes, which would if he were able to bring himself into alignment with it, raise his whole life beyond the petty confines of the tank, and place him on a path which would require that he perform tasks of real significance, not necessarily of significance to himself.

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