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This quantity chronicles the background of the Islamic country within the years A. H. 74-81 (A. D. 693-701), after the ultimate defeat of Ibn al-Zubayr in Mecca placed an finish to 12 years of civil warfare and reunited the empire below the guideline of the Marwanid caliph 'Abd al-Malik. Syria and the Hijaz loved a interval of relative peace in this time, and balance and consolidation have been furthered by means of such easy administrative reforms because the establishment of an legitimate Islamic coinage. Pacification of Iraq, the place Kharijite insurgent bands nonetheless roamed and mutiny used to be spreading one of the executive forces, used to be entrusted through 'Abd al-Malik to the successful basic al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf. Al-Tabari supplies an in depth account of this iron-fisted governor's management, targeting his battle opposed to the redoubtable Shabib b. Yazid, a Kharijite guerilla chief with a band of some hundred males who held out opposed to all odds and two times even entered the capital at al-Kufah and prayed in its mosque. brilliant eyewitness experiences from individuals on either side of this clash offer a priceless photo of Arab existence in Iraq at the present, in addition to proof for the ideology of the Kharijites and the assets of discontent within the wider society.

Attention is additionally given to advancements within the frontier provinces of the east, finally additionally put lower than the authority of al-Hajjaj. In Khurasan, the vicious tribal feuds that had interrupted the coverage of endured conquest have been progressively resolved and campaigning resumed. In Sijistan, a crushing defeat of Arab troops led al-Hajjaj to outfit the "Peacock Army," a strength of remarkable dimension and impressiveness, which, while it rebelled less than its chief, Ibn al-Ash'ath, used to be to supply the governor the gravest problem of his profession.

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See also Ibn A'tham al-Kufi, Fut61,,, VII, 5, Mubarrad, Kamil, 215; Maydani, Amthal, I, 28. 58. A version of this proverb appears in Maydani, Amthal, II, 35, where "she" is glossed as "disaster" (dahiyah). 62 I have been proven to be at the height of my vigor and have run the longest races. The Commander of the Faithful, 'Abd al-Malik, has emptied out his quiver and tested the wood of his arrows; [8651 he found me the strongest and least likely to break, and thus aimed me at you. Long have you pursued a course of faction and followed the path of waywardness ; but now, by God, I will bark you as one does a tree, hack you as one does a mimosa,63and beat you as one does a camel not of the herd at the watering-hole.

He and al-Muhallab were about eighteen farsakhs1O8 apart. " Then 'Abdallih b. " When al-Hajjaj called him a liar and threatened him, Ibn al-Jared rebelled against him, followed by the elite of the forces . Severe fighting broke out, and alHajjaj killed Ibn al-Jared and a group of his companions. He sent Ibn al-Jared's head and those of ten of his companions to alMuhallab, and himself went back to al-Bagrah. I I I He then wrote rob. This is a different version of the rebellion from that just given , as is clear from variants in detail.

According to the account of Ibn Abi 'Ubaydah, four thousand men of the tribe of Madhhij crossed the bridge that night . " Al-Hajjaj said, "Stop! 0 slaves of the rod, when the Commander of the Faithful gives you a greeting of peace, does no one among you return the greeting? 89 By God , I swear I will teach you better manners than these! " According to'Umar-'Abd al-Malik b. 'Abd al-Malik b. Misma'-'Amr b. Sa'id: When al-Hajjaj arrived in al-Kufah, he addressed the men and said, "You are deserters from alMuhallab 's army!

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