G. Rex Smith's The History of al-Ṭabarī, Vol. 14: The Conquest of Iran A.D. PDF

By G. Rex Smith

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This quantity covers the years 21-23/641-43 of the caliphate of 'Umar b. al-Khattab. it may be divided into distinctive and nearly equivalent components: the 1st in regards to the Muslim conquests in Iran and the east, and the second one referring to 'Umar himself, his assassination, and an evaluation of the caliph and the man.

The quantity starts with the caliphal order to the Muslim troops, lately triumphant on the recognized conflict of Nihawand in 21/641, to penetrate farther into infidel lands within the east. The may possibly of the Persian empire have been damaged, and a golden chance provided itself to the Muslim group to extend its territories. The territorial profits hence completed are stated during this quantity. relocating out of the garrison cities of al-Kufah and al-Basrah, the Muslim forces' conquests of Isfahan, Hamadhan, al-Rayy, Qumis, Jurjan, Tabaristan, Azerbaijan, Khurasan, components of Fars province, Kirman, Sijistan and Makran so far as the Indus, are all defined in those pages.

Contained in those money owed of far-reaching conquests are the peace records, that are of substantial historic significance. they're in most cases the files issued through the triumphant Muslim commanders at the flooring to the subjugated neighborhood population, laying out in specified phrases the duties of the latter towards their Muslim conquerors in go back for secure conduct.

Leaving the Muslim forces at the financial institution of the Indus, Tabari switches his account to Medina, the place in 23/643 'Umar b. al-Khattab was once assassinated by means of a Christian slave. After complete money owed of this deed, the reader is supplied with info of the caliph's family tree, his actual description, his delivery date and age, the names of his childrens and other halves, and the time period he was once a Muslim. A long part follows, within which the deeds of 'Umar are stated in anecdotal shape. There also are quotations from his addresses to his humans and a few poetic eulogies addressed to him.

The quantity ends with 'Umar's appointment of the electoral council, 5 senior figures within the Islamic neighborhood, to settle on his successor, and the interesting and traditionally enormously vital account of the workings of the council with the entire minimize and thrust of dialogue and the politicking backstage. hence was once 'Uthman b. 'Affan appointed to be successful 'Umar.

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See Yaqut, Mulam, 11, zo1 ; Le Strange, Lands, 172 and Map 5, opposite i85. The Events of the Year zz 31 on the borders of your territory. You will harbor nobody or nothing we are seeking and you will insure yourself (against military action against you) by [paying] anyone governing your border territory 5oo,ooo dirhams, those (in use) in your territory. If you cdrry (all) this out, none of us will have a right to attack you, or to invade your territory, or ]even] to approach you without your permission .

He transmitted Ibn Isliiq's Maghdzi and Mubtada '. See Ibn Hajar, Tahdhib, IV, 1 3ff. 75. Muhammad b. Isliiq (d. 150/767), author of the famous Sirah . See Ibn Hajar, Tahdhib, IX, ;8-46; E12 . v. (Jones). 76. The famous Umayyad governor in Syria and later ( 41-60/661-680) first Umayyad caliph. 77. Prominent figure in the Syrian conquests . See Ibn Hajar, I,cdbah, VII, 163-64. 78. One of the districts of Damascus, see Yiqut, Mu jam, 1, 338. Le Strange, Palestine, 31-34. 79. v. (Eliss6eff). 8o. The area south of Damascus , the principal center of which is Ammin) see Yiqut, Mu jam, 1, 4891 Le Strange, Palestine, 34-35.

L4s (Nu'aym) accepted this and drew up a document between the two of them, without any aid [on the part of the people of Dunbawandj or any assistance against anyone [being made obligatory]. So they got what they asked for as follows. 141. Al-Mudarib al-Ijli was a Companion or Follower, who has brief entries in Ibn Elajar, Tahdhib, X, T66-67i Ibn al-Athir, Usd, III, 37t. 141. Little information appears to be available on 'Utaybah. 83, Iyfahani, Aghdni, II, 47-48. 143. That is, al-Aswad b. Qutbah, a poet and warrior who was present at al-Qadisiyyah, see Ibn Hajar, 1sdbah, 1, 171; Translation, XIII, i 1.

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