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By Arthur Edward Waite

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First released in Latin in 1678, Arthur Edward Waite translated the publication and released it in volumes in 1893. This absolutely illustrated variation contains Volumes I and II, in addition to the 3 Treatises Of Philalethes. this can be one of many greatest collections of Alchemical tracts. Chapters contain The Golden Tract about the Stone Of The Philosophers, The Golden Age Restored, The Sophic Hydrolith, the dignity Of the realm; Or, desk Of Paradise, The e-book Of Alze, The ebook Of Lambspring, The Golden Tripod, The testomony Of Cremer, the recent Chemical gentle, A refined Allegory in regards to the secrets and techniques Of Alchemy, The Metamorphosis Of Metals, Helvetius' Golden Calf, and, The Fount Of Chemical fact. it might be unjust to doubt, so much light reader, that of all of the arts invented for using existence by way of the explanation of guy, that of Alchemy is the main noble and excellent. For all philosophers exclaim, because it have been, with one voice, albeit in lots of languages, that this paintings is not just actual, yet (after the Divine legislations wherein our souls are stored) the easiest and most luxurious reward bestowed upon guy by way of God; and that it's going to for this reason be investigated with all zeal and with the best pains.

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I thought it would be best, O friendly searcher of Nature, to discuss the matter more in detail, in order that you might the more readily know and make use of the substance of our Stone! For if you attempted to produce our Stone out of an animal substance you would fail, because the two things belong to different natural orders. For the Stone is a mineral, but you would be trying to fashion it out of an animal substance. "But nothing," says our Richard, in his first chapter, "can be got out of a thing which is not in it.

Foolish I call those who, without any previous knowledge of Nature and her properties, undertake to learn this Art, and come to it (as Arnold says) like the ass to the crib, not knowing for what they open their mouths. " And Richard the Englishman says: "The stone is one, the medicine one, which, however, according to the philosophers, is called Rebis (Two-thing), being composed of two things, namely, a body and spirit [red or white]. " Rebis is two things, and these two things are one thing, namely, water joined to a body, by which the body is dissolved into a spirit, that is, mineral water, out of which it was first made; and this body and spirit make up one mineral water, which is called Elixir, that is to say, ferment; for then water and spirit are one thing, of which is composed a tincture and medicine for purging all bodies.

But such sulphur, says Avicenna, "is not found on earth, except in so far as it exists in metallic bodies through the action of the sun and moon. " Since, then, the substance of the metals is one, and common to all, and since this substance is (either at once, or after laying aside in course of time the foreign and evil sulphur of the baser metals by a process of gradual digestion) changed by the virtue of its own indwelling sulphur into GOLD, which is the goal of all the metals, and the true intention of Nature—we are obliged to admit, and freely confess that in the mineral kingdom, as well as in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, Nature seeks and demands a gradual attainment of perfection, and a gradual approximation to the highest standard of purity and excellence.

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