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By Amira K. Bennison

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In this accessibly written historical past, Amira okay. Bennison contradicts the typical assumption that Islam one way or the other interrupted the sleek circulation of Western civilization from its Graeco-Roman origins to its more moderen eu and American manifestations. as a substitute, she areas Islamic civilization within the longer trajectory of Mediterranean civilizations and sees the ‘Abbasid Empire (750–1258 CE) because the heir and interpreter of Graeco-Roman traditions.

At its zenith the ‘Abbasid caliphate stretched over the full heart East and a part of North Africa, and stimulated Islamic regimes as a ways west as Spain. Bennison’s exam of the politics, society, and tradition of the ‘Abbasid interval provides an image of a society that nurtured a number of the “civilized” values that Western civilization claims to symbolize, albeit in numerous premodern types: from city making plans and foreign exchange networks to spiritual pluralism and educational examine. Bennison’s argument counters the typical Western view of Muslim tradition as alien and gives a brand new standpoint at the courting among Western and Islamic cultures

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The plan was that Muhammad al-Amin should become caliph and control Iraq and the western flank of the empire while ‘Abd Allah al-Ma’mun would take over the governorship of Khurasan in the east and eventually succeed his brother as caliph. Harun al-Rashid made the arrangements public on a pilgrimage to Mecca accompanied by the two princes, who took oaths in the Ka‘ba that they would uphold their father’s wishes. A third prince, al-Qasim, was later added to the list and given the northern provinces on the Byzantine frontier to govern.

In the west, the great Muslim cities of Toledo (085), Cordoba (236) and Seville (248) passed permanently into Christian hands. In the east, the Muslims turned the Christian tide and the Latins were finally expelled from Syria in 29, 33 years after the death of the last ‘Abbasid caliph in Baghdad, when the universal caliphate had become the stuff of legend and deep nostalgia. The early ‘Abbasid caliphate The early ‘Abbasid caliphate, between Abu’l-‘Abbas al-Saffah’s defeat of the Umayyads in 750 and al-Mu‘tasim’s transfer of the court from Baghdad to Samarra shortly after his accession in 833, was a time of Islamic political consolidation and centralization which built on Umayyad foundations to 28 The Great Caliphs give the Islamic empire a sophisticated central government and provincial administration for the first time.

724–43), is said to have greatly regretted his nomination as heir, and al-Tabari sums up the situation in the following tart lines: We have already given some account of al-Walid b. Yazid, mentioning his immorality, his wantonness and his flippant and frivolous attitude towards religion before he became caliph. 7 A Stormy Sea 2 More seriously, al-Walid’s negligence triggered disputes within the family, his own murder by his cousin Yazid and fatal internecine strife, but it would be quite unfair to ignore the underlying reasons for the replacement of the Umayyads by the ‘Abbasids.

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