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Eastern Theosophy, however, held little for him at this time and he was ever suspicious of Madame Blavatsky'sMahatmas; his real interests are evident in his first contribution to Lucifer, 'Irish Fairies Ghosts and Witches', in the introduction to which he reveals his familiarity with Paracelsus and with the doctrine of Elementals. '! And through him also Yeats gained his understanding of magic: The evoker of spirits and his beautiful wife received us in a little house, on the edge of some kind of garden or park belonging to an eccentricrichman, whosecuriosities he arrangedand dusted, and he made his evocation in a longroom that had a raisedplaceon the floor at one end, a kind of dais, but was furnished meagrely and cheaply.

He transcribed large numbers of alchemical texts and many Golden Dawn papers that would not otherwise have survived. With the latter he was somewhat indiscreet, sending the 5 = 6 ritual, and perhaps other documents, to his fellow alchemistJulius Kahn, who was never a member ofthe Order and had no business examining the papers. Ayton's indiscretions were of little significance, however, for his influence on the Order and its affairs was minimal, in contrast to 56 TheGolden Dawn his influence upon the modern revivalof practical alchemy, which was immense and which has yet to be fully appreciated.

Her petition to the Chiefs describes the group: 'This group consisted of 12 members and the symbols were adapted from the Star maps and Tree of Life projected on a sphere, whence they were sometimes called the sphere group. F. A. A. had once formed such a group himself. The objects of the Group were: to concentrate forces of growth, progress and purification, every Sunday at noon, and the progress was rst, the formulation of the twelve workers nearbut not in 36; and Formulation round London; 3rd, Formulation round the Earth; 4th, Formulation among the Constellations.

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