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By Erich von Daniken

ISBN-10: 1843336251

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Why do approximately all of the world's significant religions proportion such comparable myths and legends? Erich Von Däniken, writer of the runaway foreign bestseller Chariots of the Gods, believes he knows--and the answer's as wondrous and awe-inspiring because it is arguable: the winged angels populating the Bible, Koran, and different spiritual texts from cultures across the world have been in fact extraterrestrials who visited the Earth in a long time gone. absolutely illustrated with compelling full-color and black-and-white photos, the e-book takes us from the jungles of Myanmar, the place old pagodas aspect heavenward within the unmistakable form of spacecraft, to Portugal's mysterious legend of Fatima and directly to the unexplained "landing strips" of Peru and Egypt, supplying persuasive facts that genuine dwelling beings encouraged the legends that grew to become the root for lots of of our non secular traditions. Intellectually demanding and provocative, those findings shake the principles of either technological know-how and faith.

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The hollow thing for its juices is extended and intended for the flowing . . From this hollow thing for the juices of the white skull, dew falls daily into the small-faced thing . . And its head is filled, and from the small-faced thing it falls onto a field of apples [or bellows]. And the entire field of apples flows with this dew. The Ancient of Days is mysterious and hidden. And the superior wisdom is hidden in the skull, which was found [or viewed]. And from that one to this one, the Ancient was never opened .

The standard assumption---that our ancestors must have placed their perceived gods in the heavens, because the heavens with the stars stood for the eternal or the unattainable---does not stand up to any kind of critical analysis, as there were plenty of figures that came from the darkness of the underworld. The descriptions of these battles of the gods in the heavens and the behavior of those heavenly beings on Earth are not explainable either poetically or psychologically. In addition to that, the descriptions are much too precise.

This is divine? A further characteristic that has to be attributed to God is timelessness. A true God must stand outside time. He would never have to try out experiments and then wait to see how they turn out. But this is exactly what happens in the Old Testament, several times. After God had created man, he set them down in the Garden of Eden. There, Adam and Eve were allowed to do anything they liked except for one thing: they were not allowed to eat the apple. It is beside the point whether the apple stands as a symbol for something else: whether for sin or the first sexual act.

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