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A couple of savannah monitors are not much more time consuming or difficult to keep than one. It is important for readers to be able to recognize when a monitor lizard is angry and the stereotypical threat/display behaviors that accompany this reaction. Sometimes an angry monitor will turn toward a person with its mouth wide open. This is normally followed by a sudden lunge if you get too close! At other times the lizard will hiss loudly, inflate its throat, and produce a pronounced curve in the neck by bowing its head (this is called a raised "roach").

Certainly, this type of relationship can be developed far more easily with captive-raised adults (which are probably already pets) or young animals. When a captive savannah monitor habituates to humans, it will no longer show any desire to run away or attack. This means the animal will be calm when approached and will allow itself to be handled and carried. Such animals will often allow themselves to be petted or otherwise touched. An established monitor will normally approach you when you are bringing it food and will accept food offered from forceps.

51 An immature water monitor (Varanus salvalor). Note the anterior position of the nostril compared to a Nile monitor's. Photo by Ned Gilmore. A subadult Nile monitor (Varanus niloliellS). Note the position of the nostril compared to a Malayan water monitor. Also note the thick leather gloves used in handling. Photo by Edward Gilmore. 52 Source Materials What follows is a list of sources that were not mentioned earlier in the text. Aufenberg, Walter. 1978. ln: Neil Greenberg and Paul D. ). Behavior and Neurology of Lizards An Interdisciplinary Colloquium.

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