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By Bat Ye’or

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In this learn, Bat Ye’or supplies an research of the dogma and methods of jihad, delivering an unlimited landscape of the background of the Jews and Christians below the rule of thumb of Islam. A pioneer in a virgin box of analysis for which she has coined the time period “dhimmitude,” the writer has incorporated a documentary part illuminating the method of jap Christianity’s Islamization. In waves of Islamic enlargement, the Christian and Jewish populations of the Mediterranean areas and Mesopotamia, who had constructed the main prestigious civilizations, have been conquered by means of jihad. thousands of Christians from Spain, Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Armenia; Latins and Slavs from southern and significant Europe; in addition to Jews, have been henceforth ruled through the shari’a (Islamic law). an information of this ancient historical past is vital as a way to comprehend modern occasions.

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This conquest was facilitated by support from Arab tribes who had infiltrated the Mesopotamian and Syro-Palestinian borders of Arabia during the previous two centuries, occasionally settling 43 44 THE DECLINE OF EASTERN CHRISTIANITY there. Some of these tribes had become Christianized, opting for either Nestorianism or Monophysitism, depending on whether they had settled in Persian or Byzantine territory. As vassals of these states, they assumed responsibility for defending their frontiers and protecting towns and villages against the raids of the nomadic Bedouins who roamed throughout the adjacent deserts.

In 997, Santiago de Compostela was pillaged and razed to the ground. Three years later, Castile was put to fire and sword by Muslim troops and the population, captured in the course of these campaigns, enslaved and deported. 23 The invasions by 50 THE DECLINE OF EASTERN CHRISTIANITY the Almoravides and the Almohades (eleventh to thirteenth centuries), Berber dynasties from the Maghreb, reactivated the jihad. Jihad on the Seas Rapidly exploiting sea-warfare techniques of the conquered Christian populations, the Arabs carried the jihad to the coasts of Europe.

Linked by tribal ties or joined in powerful warlike confederations as in north and central Arabia, these tribes carried out razzias on the oases and the caravans. 4 The renewed incursions by nomads into the cultivated land of lower Mesopotamia and Syria on the Arabian fringes had necessitated their permanent surveillance from ancient times. Thus the Byzantines had assigned to a Christianized Arabian tribe, the Ghassanids, the task of restricting the nomadic advance within the desert by means of regular subsidies, military support in the form of weapons and horses, and honorific titles.

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