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6 Letters 1368 (Vol. VI) and 1470. 7 See Letter 1367 (the only one we know of). 8 Letter 1369. i 6j o 43 1474 to Oldenburg 25 June 1670 From P h il. , n o . 6 5 (14 November 1670), 2092 . . ^Carthusian o f Dyon,1 having from time to time for divers years taken particular notice o f what might occur remarkable in the Con­ stellations o f Cygnus and Cassiopea, did on the io th o f December A. 1669. ] and described it as a letter from Paris about a new star. 1 Dijon, France. 2 The name o f the observer is given as Antelme in Letter 1484; Anthelme Voituret (c.

Farewell, and continue to honor me w ith yo ur affection. S . ADDRESS 51 Mentioned in Newburgh’s reply, Letter 1481. T o M r. G ru ben dol London Postfree to A n tw e rp NOT ES by 1 ia 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 xo Reply to Letter 1262 (Vol. VI). The passages in square brackets have been translated the editors. Titus Livius Burattini (1617-81) was an Italian astronomer living in Poland, often mentioned previously in Hevelius’ correspondence. Compare Vol. IV , pp. 581-82. Dated 19 July 1669. Albrecht Linnemann (or Linemann, 1603-53) taught mathematics at Kônigsberg from about 1630, and also in Holland.

1642) im aginable b y m e; nor can I yet devise any cause o f those Appearances, except w e I had likew ise observed here [at D an zig] w ith great care ; as about the same time at im pute them to the G lo b e o f the Earth, and the V ariation o f the M eridian. B u t this K o n ig sb e rg M onsieur Linnem annus the then Professor o f the M athem aticks subtile Q uestion I leave to deeper W its to discusse. W hat yo u in E n glan d have there,3 had observed also. W e b oth fou n d the M agn etick N eed le at that tim e to [hitherto learned] in this matter, I should be v e ry glad to be inform ed o f [, partic­ decline from the N o rth 30 5' W est-w ard.

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