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By Svetozar R Niketic

ISBN-10: 3540083448

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ISBN-13: 9783642930638

During this bankruptcy ve shall talk about the calculation of strength power linked vith molecular conforaations. Raving bought cartesian atoaic coordinates defining conforaations. and lists of intraao- cular interactions, as defined in bankruptcy three, ve are able to calculate a volume which within the chemical literature is named the whole aolecular capability power or the conforaational, steric, pressure or intraaolecular strength. he conformational power of a aolecule will be expressed as a functionality, of all inner coordinates and interatoaic distances, or as a functionality of atoaic positions laid out in soae basic coordi Dates. he functionality, is meant to haye neighborhood ainiaa resembling the solid equilibrium conforaations of a aolecule in vacuo, Deglecting interaolecular interactions. he distinct fora of Y is. in fact, unknown. We suppose that it may be certainly approximated by way of a sua of other kinds of power contri hutions: , = Y ., +, +, ., be. nb e he teras symbolize cODtributions to the full aolecular strength power, as a result of bond stretching and coapression teras Vb' valence aDgle bending teras 'e' iDterDal rotational or torsional teras V, . DOD-bonded interactions 'nb and electrostatic or Couloab iDter activities 'e. If there are different intraaolecular aechanisas affecting seventy nine V, sucD as hydrogen bonding, corresponding phrases say be further.

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By Unambiguous mapping of any tree into a linear representation is always possible. 2). be All represented by monocyclic and aost polycyclic molecular structures yield planar graphs, which are graPhs tbat can be drawn on surfaces, and in which no two of their lines intersect. 3). The missing called chords. 1 Ethane and its plerogram representation e h 7 6 9 as a connected acyclic graph (tree). Graph elements at b t c, d' e, f, g and hare nodes (vertices) corresponding to atoms, and elements 1, 2, 3, q, 5, 6 and 7 are lines (edges) corresponding to bonds of a molecule.

Olecular = F) and (C = (A), D) of 17 possible ways of its rEduction to a spanning tree. Any aolecular structure can thus be reduced to through its spanning tree; and if the chords of a linear the notation spanning are accurately labeled and incorporated into a linear notation, latter becomes topology_ an unaabiguous representation of a tree the molecular 47 Our system of notation provides all the necessary requirements unambiguous topological representation of any single mol~cular molecule, or ionic aggregate, such as a molecular complex or a for and unit cell.

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