The Complete Guide to Psychic Development: 100 Ways to Tap by Cassandra Eason PDF

By Cassandra Eason

ISBN-10: 1580911501

ISBN-13: 9781580911504

If you have ever dreamed approximately an previous pal and had them name tomorrow, or instinctively taken another street to paintings and located out later that there has been a significant twist of fate in your common path, you've got skilled probably the most universal psychic occurrences. At their least difficult, psychic powers are the common, robust instincts and intuitions all of us own.

In the full advisor TO PSYCHIC improvement, Cassandra Eason outlines dozens of how to faucet into your hidden abilities and boost psychic skills like telepathy (mind-to-mind communication), clairvoyance (seeing the future), absent and make contact with therapeutic, past-life regression, examining auras, and extra. choked with principles and methods drawn from many traditions, this accomplished and available consultant supplies psychics of all talents functional tools of constructing deeper connections to the religious international.

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Its primary use is to free you from emotional entanglements that are often encountered in the Watchtowers. Its natural force is masculine. In Enochian Magick, the Sword is the magical symbol of Air, and is especiallyused in those operations involving tthe Watchtower of Air. THE PANTACLE. The Pantacle is your food (often synabolized by bread). As the cup is hollow, so the Pantade is flat. It also symbolizes your body. It serves chiefly as a source of strength and vitality. It is usually made in the 54 shape of a disk and enscribed with appropriate magical symbols.

The two horizontal arms have 12 squares each and the top and bottom vertical arras have 13 squares each. The central square at the midpoint of the tablet malees the total number of squares 51. This is the numerical value of the word GOSA (Goh-sah), meaning strange or unusual. The letters within this Black Cross spell out the four Cosmic Elements as follows: EXARP (Ehtz-ar-peh) meaning Air is written: HKOMA (Heh-koh-mah) meaning Water is written: 34 NANTA (Nah-en-tah) meaning Earth is written: BITOM (Bee-toh-meh) meaning Fire is written: The 51 squares of the Black Cross contain empty squares as well as repeated letters (each of the four elements is spelled out twice on the Black Cross).

The magical Sword is the analytical faculty of the mirad. As your mental faculties dissect complex iideas and theories, so the sharpness of the Sword will cutand pierce through things. When you pierce a demon with your Sword, you simultaneously strike iit with rational logical thought. The Sword thus aids to see through illusion and complexity. The nature of this weapon is destructive. It is also divisive. The blade should be steel, the metal of Mars. It is considered a crude weapon and its use is usually restricted to the Watchtowers and lower Aethyrs.

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