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By Carl C Lindegren

THE chilly struggle IN BIOLOGY. by means of Carl C. Lindegren. Ann Arbor, MIich.,
Planarian Press, Inc., 1967. 133 pp. $6.50.
This problem to the various adored dogmas of genetics and evolution
is interesting interpreting. Lindegren's reviews in regards to the suppression of
views which problem the underlying assumptions of clinical research
are relatively poignant in view of his trouble in getting this booklet published,
even although he's a superb geneticist.
The first bankruptcy, "The video game of Science," and the ultimate 4 chapters,
concerning the cellphone idea, the beginning of existence, organic evolution, and the
living nation, are suitable to the techniques of any biologist. Many scientists
will be aggravated by way of Lindegren's research, yet by no means bored, and plenty of will
perhaps detect how good taken Lindegren's criticisms often are.
Anyone who has the growth of the Lysenko-Michurin stranglehold
upon Russian genetics, which has been lately comfy, will locate a
lucid dialogue of a few of the experiments of this college. Interspersed in
this component to the booklet are extra reflections upon the impact of enforced
dogma upon medical growth. Geneticists will get pleasure from the personal
biographies integrated in "The Architects of Morganism-Mendelism," and
should take to center Lindegren's reviews relating cytoplasmic inheritance
and the continued problems in defining the gene.
It is impossible that any scientist who has been educated lately in
this kingdom can learn this booklet with out changing into indignant at least one time or
twice. time and again, substitute motives of the information mentioned take place to the
reader. i'm confident, in spite of the fact that, that Lindegren's iconoclasm, good founded
in the clinical procedure, will greater than pay off the reader of this book.

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Th e genes form only a small part of the cell' s bulk, they control through the tr . dtvers . e p r oducts pnmary, Is in secondary, and more remote , the composition and the arrangem ent of most or a ll of the other rna ena the cell and , the r efore , in the entire body. • . . f Recent evid ence indicates that the gene cons is t s of a substance known as nucleic acid, in the orm of a much coiled cha in, or doubl e chain, composed of a great number (thousands) of links . · · · f t The mos t remarkable thing about the gene i s that each huge cha in-molecule has the fa~u~t~ 0 ~r­ ing , by s ome specialized so rt of affinity peculiar to its links, chemical group s in its vtc tmty w .

The Use of Chromosome Maps for the Study of Chromosome Structure Previous to the study of DrosofJhila genetics, the behavior of the chromosomes was studied by the microscope and by use of the various stains which made the chromosomes more clearly visible than the other slimy structures in the cell. With the advent of research on the fruit fly by the Morgan School, the study of chromosomal behavior took another and a very different path. The new approach was based on the chromosome map. The Mendelian factors controlling the hereditary characteristics were found to lie in a linear order along the chromosomes, and the presence or absence of a part of a chromosome, or any change of the arrangement or distribution of the factors controlling hereditary characteristics, could be followed much more precisely by making maps of the chromosomes than by the most precise and critical microscopical observations which could be achieved by the finest optical instruments.

The conceptual point of view is characteristic of those who would like to define the gene from the broadest possible point of view, trying at once to ~onceive of the function of the gene in the organism, its place in evolution, the manner of. its ori~in, Its phylogenetical significance and as many other aspects as possible. The operational pomt of v1ew is characteristic of those who prefer to define the gene only in terms of the experimental otJerations by which the existence of genes may be demonstrated.

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