New PDF release: The Cloud upon the Sanctuary

By Karl Von Eckartshausen

ISBN-10: 0892540842

ISBN-13: 9780892540846

Eckartshausen's Cloud Over the Sanctuary is a press release to "those in a position to gentle" that there's nonetheless a "Community of Light,:" or a knowledge tuition, the place the sacred mysteries are stored. Rosicrucians, Martinists, Freemasons, and Theosophists-read this crucial e-book!

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They measure the supernatural by the measurement of the senses ; they confound the corruptible motive with the incorruptible substance, and their judgments are necessarily false on an object for the discernment of which they possess no senses, no objectivity of the thing in consequence, and-also in consequence-neither relative nor absolute truth. So far, however, as regards those truths which we Letter I proclaim herein, we owe a debt of gratitude towards the philosophy of Kant. Kant has shown incontestably that the natural reason can know absolutely nothing of what is supernatural, spiritual and transcendental; that it can understand nothing either analytically or synthetically; and that thus it can neither prove the possibility nor the reality of spirits, or souls, or God.

We must, however, receive the gifts which are communicated to us by the official Churches and all the great literatures of the soul in the spirit which communicates, and we must ascribe to them on our part that sense in which we can understand them most fitly, so only that it is our highest sense. Thus are the dotations of all our ministers and brethren completed at need by our own. In this manner we consent to good doctrine as we consent to prudent economies, and there is shown a return on the investment which is thus secured to us for a season.

His intention may have been to illustrate in a paradoxical manner his adherence to the spiritual school and to direct the alchemists of his period-for a remnant still survived even in those days of disaster-to the brighter side--or that which he would have called the true object of an experiment known for several centuries under the evasive name of their Art. I must add in sincerity that the folly of the procedure remains, because it was and is legitimate to explain what the spiritual alchemists concealed under their strange terms, but it was not tolerable to perpetuate the use of this language at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

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