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By John Michael Greer

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A century in the past, teams decending from the famed airtight Order of the Golden sunrise fused the occult lore of the Western magical culture with the character spirituality of the Druid Revival. They invoked Pagan Celtic powers rather than the Judeo-Christian names and logos. revered occult writer and Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer has re-created an entire magical process in line with the Celtic Golden sunrise traditions. This new e-book presents scholars with an entire curriculum of Druidical magic and occult knowledge, together with education in ceremonial magic, meditation, pathworking, divination, geomancy, and natural alchemy, permitting self-initiation into the 3 levels of Ovate, Bard, and Druid. It beneficial properties magnificent magical recommendations for things like invisibility, etheric shapeshifting, and conjuring spirits.

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Breathe rhythmically for several minutes until the body is still and the mind quiet. Remain in this state for a few minutes at first, and for longer as you get more used to preventing the mind from wandering. Afterwards, think of the theme of meditation in a general way, considering such of its aspects as come to mind; choose one train of thought that unfolds from the theme, and follow it to its conclusion. A few cycles of rhythmic breathing then complete the meditation. The best method for rhythmic breathing for this stage of the training is the Natural Breath: 1.

Seventh Knowledge Lecture . The Bardic Grade The Exercise of the Central Ray. The Elemental Rituals of the Pentagram . The Work of Earth . The Work of Water . The Work of Air . The Work of Fire . Additional Lectures of the Bardic Grade . Preparation for the Bardic Initiation . The Examination of the Bardic Grade . The Initiation of the Bardic Grade . The Druid Grade The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram . The Ritual of the OIW . The Druid Temple . The Working Tools of Druidical Magic . The Formulae of Ceremonial Magic .

Westcott, the driving force behind the order in its early years, had been active in British occult lodges, Masonic and otherwise, for years; Mathers was a gifted writer of rituals. Their raw materials included the famous “cipher manuscripts,” which outlined the rituals and teachings of what became the Golden Dawn’s Outer Order, but the two of them also drew on the accumulated experience of decades of magical societies and more than a century of Masonic innovations. The story of the Golden Dawn’s rise and fall has been told many times and need not be retold here in detail.

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