New PDF release: The biology of lungfishes

By Jorden Morup Jorgensen, Jean Joss

ISBN-10: 1578084318

ISBN-13: 9781578084319

The Biology of Lungfishes offers an up to date number of experiences on one of the most very important facets of the lifetime of lungfishes. The ebook attracts on contributions from recognized specialists with a protracted list of clinical paintings inside their respective fields. the overall usual historical past of the 3 genera of lungfishes, the interesting fossil tale, and sleek principles of lungfish phylogeny shape the most a part of the textual content. The e-book additionally covers the morphology and body structure of varied organs.

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Clack et al. 27 resulting from heterochronic processes such as paedomorphosis (Bemis 1984; Joss and Johanson 2006). This may explain some of these observed sequential changes, but does not explain the gradual but complete limitation towards the ridged tooth plate pattern from the varied dental morphologies seen in early forms. The presence of substantially ossified ribs in many Carboniferous lungfish taxa suggests a delay in the trend towards reduction in ossification seen in the rest of the postcranial skeleton.

Alcheringa 29: 123-149. Kemp, A. E. (1981). Neoceratodus forsteri from the Lower Cretaceous of New South Wales, Australia. Journal of Paleontology 55: 211-217. I. R. (1999). Reconstruction of dentition in hatchlings of Andreyevichthys epitomus, a Late Famennian dipnoan from Russia. Modern Biology 24: 99-108. R. and Scott, D. (2001). The skull and tooth system of Orlovichthys limnatis, a Late Devonian dipnoan from Russia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 38: 1301-1311. A. (1987). A redescription of the lungfish Eoctenodus Hills 1929, with reassessment of other Australian records of the genus Dipterus Sedgwick & Murchison 1828.

It is the most completely preserved British Carboniferous lungfish and shows a postcranial skeleton that seems to demonstrate a dorsal fin fused with a diphycercal caudal fin, and no independent anal fin. U. splendens is known from remains of the skull roof and exhibits a unique form of dermal ornament, more akin to that of tetrapods than lungfish. There seems to be relatively little support for the union of this with another species, U. lobatus, within the same genus and it is desirable that the taxonomy of this genus be addressed.

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