Ophiel's The Art and Practice of Astral Projection PDF

By Ophiel

ISBN-10: 0877282463

ISBN-13: 9780877282464

Provides the entire precious thought and instructions to go into the astral airplane, functionality there, and go back with reminiscence to be had.

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I love to do this and often do it rather than do the more serious work of exploring the inner planes, that I should do, and get the information back to you. I will admit that at times I have the fear of falling but usually the Critical Facility will tell me that there is no law of gravity on the inner planes so I let myself fall and end up with a good sound smack! but I am unhurt of course. I will now go into a few more details about moving about on the Astral plane. However your work upon entering these planes for a long time should be merely exploratory.

Practice this working and practice the control of the Body after you are thru with the ritual. YOUR NEXT STEP WORK CONSISTS OF TRANSFERING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO THIS BODY OF LIGHT THAT YOU HAVE CREATED. OR YOU CAN DEVELOP AND USE THIS BODY OF LIGHT AS A FAMILIAR FIRST, IF YOU SO DESIRE. What is a Familiar? A Familiar is an old time name for a sort of assistant-associate-extension of yourself which the Occultist, living in the medieval ages, was able to create, out of other planes material, using knowledge methods from the system-knowledge of the Caballa system.

Basically you make adjustments, in your opinion, of details and about details of thing etc. This CRITICAL FACILITY is closely allied to waking life. Your work is to bring this critical facility to bear on your inner dream life. You recall that we said previously that in Astral Projections you do not project anything but consciousness, your consciousness. By means of the directions to be given, and by practicing them, you will, in time, learn to project a large degree of your consciousness to the inner planes and still remain asleep.

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