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314 I do not count the Sfire stelae here, as they are dated much later. They, however, contain ca. twenty geographical names. Rima~ CHAPTER FOUR: ASSYRIAN TEXTS Introduction Overview Our main contemporary source of information for the history of AramDamascus is Assyria. Compared to the existing inscriptions in Aramaic, Assyrian inscriptions are abundant. However, many of them seem to be parts of the same narrative or text. : What can we say about the extent of the Aramean kingdom centred in Damascus 315 in the second half of the ninth century and the nature of the influence of that kingdom?

268 Schniedewind claimed that there was a parallel in the annals of Shalmaneser III. 2, among others, it is explicitly stated that a ruler named Giammu was killed by his own men. 10 who the subject is, and in fact Grayson translated it in the 3 p. , "They killed Giammu" (line 15). 270 Lemaire claimed that the biblical text in this case has superiority over the inscription because it is written closer to the event. 271 He saw the inscription as just a boast and as propaganda. 272 Shigeo Yamada did not think that the inscription refers to the killing of the kings at all.

1[:17] [Jill. J~. I1jil'\1. ' [ . :J~n~] • 1:J . l-\1 • :J~ [7~. 011:1'. ]1:J. w[m~. I1'l'\. n]l7lnp1. 7~1ill'. l7~ [~ . l:1~1 • m1n • 0:1 . I1'1ii • I1'~] • olillJ~1 . 111I1':J • l [ 1~ill' ]7 • 0:1 . ji1~ • I1' [~ • ~1:1'1 ]-:171 • nn~ [. Oilll-\1 . 7~1]ill'. 7:17. l7 [ . 13 55 The a priori most probable case is that the fragments belong to the same inscription when we consider that no other basalt stelae with inscriptions have been found in the area. Further, there is a great similarity of writing and contents.

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