The Activist Cookbook: Creative Actions for a Fair Economy by Andrew Boyd PDF

By Andrew Boyd

ISBN-10: 0965924904

ISBN-13: 9780965924900

Publication by way of Boyd, Andrew

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GANDHI . . 1t ltt90 doHars. require two incomes to support. Homelessness has soared. -based multi-national corpora­ tions, using provisions of the tax code which they wrote and lobbied for, have taken their companies, jobs and tax payments overseas. The great American Unease is funda­ mentally rooted in the changing nature of work. Economist Wallace 37 THE ACTIVIST COOKBOOK Where wealth is centralized, the people are dispersed. Where wealth is distributed, the people are brought together. s. workers have experienced a decline in their standard of living: either a drop in purchasing power, a loss of benefits, or a change in job security.

Well, you've got the time to add these creative twists­ some of them take as little as 1 0 min­ utes. Marching band. Liven up a march with a marching band. ). Let them figure out what to play and how to play together when they arrive. Write a song. Take a popular tune that everyone knows and rewrite the lyrics to address your issue. ) Copy and hand out at event. Have one person lead the group. Everyone will join in and have fun at the tar­ get's expense. If you want musical accompaniment but don't have your own musicians , check out your local record store for an "extended mix" dance tape which contains a version of the song with instruments alone.

Horse-racing style announcer gives iii.... framework for a series of carnival and sporting-event spoofs that dramatize how the "rules" of the economic "game" are rigged against the average American. In addition to the Rat Race (described in depth in Chapter 8: Complete Recipes), other components might include: Born on Third Base and Thought They Hit a Triple. Absurd baseball game that demonstrates how the very wealthy, while claiming to have earned their wealth the hard way, often start way ahead of the game.

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