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For nine counted periods, Alalu was king in Heaven. In the ninth period, Anu gave battle against Alalu. Alalu was defeated, he fled before Anu He descended to the dark-hued Earth. Down to the dark-hued Earth he went; On the throne sat Anu. " But that was not the end. The text proceeded to recount how Anu, in turn, was also deposed by a god named Kumarbi (Anu's own brother, by some interpretations). There is no doubt that this epic, written a thousand years before the Greek legends were composed, was the forerunner of the tale of the deposing of Uranus by Cronus and of Cronus by Zeus.

The Gods of Earth bow down willingly before him; The Heavenly gods who are on Earth humble themselves before him; They stand by faithfully, according to instructions. Enlil, according to Sumerian beliefs, arrived on Earth well before Earth became settled and civilized. " No cities would be built, no settlements founded; No stalls would be built, no sheepfolds erected; No king would be raised, no high priest born. The Sumerian texts also stated that Enlil arrived on Earth before the "Black-Headed People" - the Sumerian nickname for Mankind - were created.

Their inscriptions invoked several deities by their Vedic "Aryan" names, their kings bore Indo-European names, and their military and cavalry terminology derived from the Indo-European. B. " These Hurrians dominated the Hittites culturally and religiously. The Hittite mythological texts were found to be of Hurrian provenance, and even epic tales of pre-historic, semidivine heroes were of Hurrian origin. There is no longer any doubt that the Hittites acquired their cosmology, their "myths," their gods, and their pantheon of twelve from the Hurrians.

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