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Their and there are both English words, but a spell-check will not be able to tell you which word you need to use in a particular context. Confusion between their and there is, in fact, one of the most common slips in all writing. We have, therefore, put it at the head of the 'Top Twenty Spelling Errors' list that forms the basis of this chapter. Every one of these mistakes is made 37 38 Writing Correctly thousands of times every day, in everything from essays to advertising brochures, from letters to circulars.

Whose is this dog? That is hers, but where is my hat? I think this is yours. Most people know most of these: occasionally a student will writer her's, and some students confuse whose with the contracted form who's, meaning who is or who has. We deal with contractions below, but there is one more word to add to this list of exceptions which causes more confusion than almost any other word in the English language - the word its: A dog wags its tail. Here the word its acts as a possessive in the same way that the words my, hers and ours do above.

But also for singular words ending in s Oasis's fame was short-lived. Los Angeles's weather is great. But just add the apostrophe when it is a plural noun ending ins already: The stars' party was crowded with no-hopers. But remember that the apostrophe only appears if it is a possessive. So there is no need for it in The stars and stripes are a symbol of America. In this case both stars and stripes are plural nouns but not in the possessive case. The contrast is with America's stars and stripes are well known.

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