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3-3 38 HYDROSTATIC FORCE ON SURFACES [CHAP. 4. Determine the resultant force due to water acting on the 4 m by 6 m triangular area CD shown in Fig. 3-3. The apex of the triangle is at C. Solution: This force acts at a distance _ycp from axis #2 and is measured along the plane of the area CD. 5. g± S& Water rises to level E in the pipe attached to tank ABCD in Fig. 3-4. Neglecting the weight of the tank and riser pipe, (a) determine and locate the resultant force acting on area A B, which is 8 ft wide; (b) compute the total force on the bottom of the tank; and (c) compare the total weight of the water with the result in (b) and explain the difference.

In addition, locations of forces will be found. FORCE EXERTED BY A LIQUID ON A PLANE AREA The force F exerted by a liquid on a plane area A is equal to the product of the specific weight y of the liquid, depth of the center of gravity of the area /zcg, and the area. The equation is (1) typical units being Note that the product of specific weight and depth of the center of gravity of the area yields the intensity of pressure at the area's center of gravity. The line of action of the force passes through the center of pressure, which can be located by applying the formula (2) where 7cg is the moment of inertia of the area about its center of gravity axis (see Fig.

2-27. Ans. 124 kPa Fig. 40. A vessel containing oil under pressure is shown in Fig. 2-28. Find the elevation of the oil surface in the attached piezometer. Ans. 41. Referring to Fig. 0 lb/ft3, respectively. Ans. 42. A hydraulic device is used to raise an 89-kN truck. 22 MPa, what diameter is required? Ans. 305 mm CHAP. 2] FLUID STATICS 33 Fig. 2-29 Fig. 43. 2 lb/ft3, what suction pressure is required to raise the glycerin 9 in vertically in a ^-in-diameter tube? Ans. 44. 06 in in diameter when the temperature is 70°F?

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