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By Joseph B. Keller, David W. McLaughlin, George C. Papanicolaou

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Partial differential equations play a vital position in lots of branches of technology and engineering. accordingly it is very important clear up difficulties concerning them. One point of fixing a partial differential equation challenge is to teach that it really is well-posed, i. e. , that it has one and just one resolution, and that the answer relies consistently at the information of the matter. one other point is to acquire distinct quantitative information regarding the answer. the normal approach for doing this used to be to discover a illustration of the answer as a sequence or essential of recognized exact capabilities, after which to guage the sequence or quintessential by means of numerical or by way of asymptotic equipment. the inability of this system is that there are fairly few difficulties for which such representations are available. hence, the conventional procedure has been changed by way of equipment for direct answer of difficulties both numerically or asymptotically. this text is dedicated to a selected technique, referred to as the "ray method," for the asymptotic resolution of difficulties for linear partial differential equations governing wave propagation. those equations contain a parameter, comparable to the wavelength. . \, that is small in comparison to all different lengths within the challenge. The ray approach is used to build an asymptotic enlargement of the answer that is legitimate close to . . \ = zero, or equivalently for okay = 21r I A close to infinity.

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Keller and Robert M. 176) to give z1, and zf on the interface. 174) can be used to calculate them off the interface along the reflected and transmitted rays. We shall not carry out this calculation here. The function z 1 has been calculated in [ 18] in this way. We shall calculate [Jz~! ay at y = 0 because this quantity will be needed shortly for another purpose. -(x- htana) = - . - - - - . l- 2) tan 3 a J . 184) sin {3, Differentiation of the first equation with respect to y yields 1 Hence, when y (3 = 0, = 7f /2, = oa ay a cos (3 --cos(3- a - - - .

184) sin {3, Differentiation of the first equation with respect to y yields 1 Hence, when y (3 = 0, = 7f /2, = oa ay a cos (3 --cos(3- a - - - . 185) imply the following relations: . l, 01 . 186) ' y = 0. The computation is greatly = 0 when y = 0. l)1/2 (x- htanao)-3/2. 1 0. If 11 < 1 total reflection occurs for rays incident at angles a greater than the critical angle a 0 = sin - I 11· The transmitted rays, corresponding to angles of incidence a in the interval 0 ::; a ::; a 0 , cover the entire lower half-space, and the critically transmitted ray, for which (3 = rr /2, lies in the interface y = 0.

But u e is not required for the calculation of z ~, so z ~ can be found as before. 179) in the region of total reflection. Form > 0, ue is needed to determine z::-n, but we will not determine ue here. We only remark that it decays exponentially with distance from the interface. The wave ud is completely determined by ut and the boundary conditions. To calculate u d we write rv e iksd ""' L_. m=O 2: z;,(ik)-m. 190) Joseph B. Keller and Robert M. 191) . (x, 0) = az;,(x, 0), x > h tana 0 ; asd d - z +l ay m az!

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