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By Janet Harvey Kelman, L. D. Luard

ISBN-10: 1599150549

ISBN-13: 9781599150543

Brings the Crusades to lifestyles via tales of its most renowned contributors. Relates how Peter the Hermit, with the Pope's blessing, gathers males to his facet and leads the 1st campaign, leading to the trap of Jerusalem and set up of Godfrey as defender of the holy sepulchre. After the Muslims recapture Jerusalem, 3 nice kings of Europe vow to regain the Holy urban: King Richard the Lionhearted of britain, King Philip of France, and the Emperor Frederick of Germany. regardless of successful many battles during this 3rd campaign and taking pictures the town of Acre, they fail to win again town of Jerusalem. King Louis of France launches the final campaign, yet dies ahead of attaining his target. in the course of the narrative we meet every kind of fellows. a few, like Bohemond and Baldwin, struggle for egocentric ends; others, reminiscent of Tancred and Louis, do conflict just like the nice knights they're; whereas a few, Francis between them, hold goodwill anyplace they cross.

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The Pope himself used to ask him to tell him what he must do. Bernard always knew what he wished, and he quickly found the best way to gain his ends, for his heart was simple, and he coveted no earthly honour nor wealth for himself. He had become a monk when he was very young. Though he had been brought up in great comfort, he only ate coarse bread soaked in warm water. He was as unwilling to give pleasure to his mind as to his body. One time some friends came to see him and made him smile. He thought this was a great sin, and he lay before the altar for twenty-five days praying for pardon.

When Peter was young, hundreds of pilgrims went to Jerusalem to worship at the foot of this cross. They did so for many reasons. Some did it because they loved the thought of Christ and wished to stand where He had stood, and to see the land in which He had lived. Others went because they thought it would make other people think them very good. They hoped to be great people when they came back to their homes again. But the largest number went because the Pope and the priests told them that those who went in poverty to the Holy City would be forgiven for all the wrong things they had done.

As he went from place to place in the city he was in great excitement. He made such vivid pictures in his mind of all that had happened there that the thought of it took away his breath, and he longed that he might die where such things had taken place. It was dreadful for him to see how those who cared not for the memory of Christ scorned and defiled the holy places, and robbed and ill-treated the pilgrims who asked only to be allowed to worship and to think in peace. He sought out the head of the Christian Church, whom men called the Patriarch of Jerusalem, and talked with him of what might be done to save the Holy City from the Moslems, and he told the Christians in Jerusalem that he would go away and bring the people of Europe to fight for the Holy City.

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