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By John Fund

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The Florida Fiasco of 2000, with placing chads, butterfly ballots and ultimate court docket intervention, compelled american citizens to confront an unpleasant fact. The U.S. has the sloppiest election structures of any industrialized country, so sloppy that no less than 8 of the nineteen hijackers who attacked the area exchange heart and the Pentagon have been really in a position to sign up to vote in both Virginia or Florida whereas they made their lethal arrangements for 9-11. In "Stealing Elections," John Fund takes the reader on a countrywide journey of voter fraud scandals starting from rural states like Texas and Mississippi to important towns corresponding to Philadelphia and Milwaukee. He explores darkish episodes equivalent to the best way "vote agents" stole a mayoral election in Miami in 1998 through tampering with 4700 absentee ballots. He indicates how, within the aftermath of the Motor Voter legislation of 1993, Californians used mail-in kinds to get absentee ballots for fictitious humans and pets, whereas in St. Louis it was once came upon that voter rolls integrated 13,000 extra names than the U.S. Census indexed because the overall variety of adults within the urban. Election officers are attempting to reassure citizens by way of turning to automatic vote casting machines. yet Fund exhibits that with the hot expertise come even larger matters. Early in 2004, for example, the country of Maryland, which has 16,000 new Diebold machines, commissioned a safety professional to aim to rig a tradition election. He and his workforce broke into the pc on the kingdom Board of Elections, thoroughly replaced the result of the election, left, and erased their digital trail—all in below 5 mins. "Stealing Elections" provides us a chilling portrait of our electoral vulnerability--in the 2004 presidential election and on into the long run. Writing with urgency and authority, John Fund exhibits how a deadly blend of bureaucratic bungling and poll rigging have placed our democracy in danger.

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There were equally massive get-out-the-vote efforts by both parties. As shown by the absentee ballot numbers, there was equal interest in the election by both parties in Palm Beach. So why did George Bush do so poorly in Palm Beach relative to everywhere else in the state? The Myth of the Stolen Election 37 It is likely that some 15,000 Republicans went to the polls and something happened: Either they recoiled in disgust at their party’s presidential candidate, or forget to vote for him, or (and this is most likely) had their vote show up as a “double-punch” or overvote that was later thrown out.

Bush would still have won under any fair standard, Democratic activists have narrowed their charges to the purported disfranchisement of black voters. ” But when it comes to actual evidence of racial bias, the report draws inferences that are not supported by any data and ignores facts that challenge its conclusions. 9 percent of the total number of ballots cast in Florida) whose ballots had no valid vote for president. Machine error cannot be the cause of discrimination, since the machine doesn’t know the race of the voter either, and in any case accounts for about one error in 250,000 votes cast.

We do know enough about how much proven fraud or electoral incompetence there is in Florida and other states to pay more rigorous attention to it in the future. If we don’t, I have no doubt that in another close election, perhaps as early as November 2004, it will be déjà vu all over again. There will be more ballot snafus and more questions about fraud and we will ask ourselves why we didn’t address those potential problems when we had the time to take preventive action. ” —Larry J. Sabato and Glenn R.

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