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Clemency, consisting of moderation or regulation, following the virtue of Charity, as a corrective method for the ills committed by another, which the virtue of Justice demands to see more equitably corrected and expiated –things which are ineluctably necessary; c. Forbearance, consisting of dispelling the inner movement of the passion of equity, as Anger should never take hold; d. Modesty, consisting of refraining from, moderating or regulating the affective party in those things which are less difficult than precedents; that is to say, a de s i r ef orone ’ sowne xc e l l e nc e ;ade s i r et oknow wha ti snoti mme di a t e l yus e f ul to us or which is useless for our final goals; external action and movements of a carnal nature; finally to bear ourselves in a manner which leads to the virtue of Temperance, which is the Gift of Fear.

Gluttony corresponds to Water, and is the opposite of Temperance39. 38 39 “ e ti lr e t ou r n e r aa uma t é r i a l i s me ,qu’ i le s t i me r ar e pos a n t ”–any better ideas for translation? –PV. Thet e x ts ay s“Te mpé r at ur e ”( t e mpe r at ur e ) ,butIams ur e he means Temperance! –PV. 42 Spiritual Alchemy –Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 3rd) Lust Lust makes him introduce a certain sensuality into all the initiatory areas where our Occultist is drawn to work. He will, a priori, be hostile to those doctrines he find too spiritual or too ascetic, and he will subscribe to the need to adjust things in a most liberal manner according to the exigencies of lower human nature.

3 The mortal and spiritual degradation follows the same progression as in Figure 1, but in an inverted manner. 44 Spiritual Alchemy –Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 result of their own past errors. Finally he loses interest in himself, and relies on Providence to give him access to moral perfection, considering Ignorance as sure a way as Knowledge. Sloth corresponds to Fire (inverted) and is opposed to Strength. 5th) Envy Envy leads the pseudo-initiate to desire not only preferential places and pseudo honors, but also inspires him not to hesitate to impede, even prevent the advancement, of another, if he divines in this person a superiority which could eclipse his own.

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