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By Alan D. Taylor

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Honesty in balloting isn't really regularly the simplest coverage. this can be a publication for mathematicians, political scientists, economists and philosophers who are looking to know how it's very unlikely to plot a cheap vote casting method during which citizens can by no means achieve through filing a disingenuous poll. The e-book calls for no must haves other than a willingness to stick to rigorous mathematical arguments.

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C ∈ / V(P1 ) and {a, b} ⊆ V(P1 ). Hint. Use Pareto and then show that, if {a, b} ⊂ / V(P1 ), going from P1 to P would be a failure of IIA. Claim 2. c ∈ / V(P2 ) and {a, b} ⊆ V(P2 ). Claim 3. c ∈ / V(P3 ) and {a, b} ⊆ V(P3 ). Claim 4. c ∈ / V(P4 ) and {a, b} ⊆ V(P4 ). 1. Notationally, if P is a profile, i ∈ N and x, y ∈ A with yPi x, let P(i, x, y) be the profile Q (if it exists) such that P|N − {i} = Q|N − {i}, Pi |A − {x, y} = Qi |A − {x, y}, and yQi x. Note that such a Q exists iff there is no alternative z between x and y on voter i’s ballot.

Hint: Consider the procedure that asks, of the two top first-place voter getters (if there’s a two-way tie), which does better one-on-one against the third. xml CB799B/Taylor 36 0 521 81052 3 March 31, 2005 1 An Introduction to Social Choice Theory Theorem (May, 1952). If |A| = 2 and n is odd, majority rule is the only voting rule for (A, n) that is resolute, anonymous, neutral, and monotone. Suppose A = {a, b}, N = {1, . . , n} where n ≥ 1, and V is a voting rule for (A, n). , aPi b iff i ∈ X).

This corresponds to the assumption that this particular voter has complete knowledge of how everyone else voted (or perhaps better: will vote) and can capitalize on this knowledge to secure a better outcome – better, that is, from his or her point of view – by submitting an insincere ballot. We are, by the way, considering only the kind of manipulation that involves a ballot change by a single voter. 4. More precisely, a voting rule V is manipulable if there are two profiles P and P and a voter i such that P|N − {i} = P |N − {i} and voter i, whose true preferences we take to be Pi , “prefers” V(P ) to V(P).

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