Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic - download pdf or read online

By Budd Hopkins

ISBN-10: 0743412184

ISBN-13: 9780743412186

Seeks to supply proof of extraterrestrial task on the earth, demonstrating how discoveries in smooth technological know-how help the plausibility of the alien craft phenomenon whereas sharing formerly unreported situations of alien ship invisibility and genetically altered humans.

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Her daughter, “Molly,” a widow and an attractive redhead in her middle fifties, has had numerous UFO experiences, as have other members of her family. I met Molly in 1993 when she wrote to me for the first time as a result of reading my book Intruders. In her letter she decribed a virtual lifetime of anomalous events involving herself and other family members: strange figures in her room, episodes of extended physical paralysis, “missing time,” and other experiences typical of UFO abductions. Significantly she did not 23 24 SIGHT UNSEEN mention her childhood fall-from-the-window incident until I asked if she remembered any other odd occurrences from her early childhood.

The answer is similarly ambiguous: Sometimes radarscopes capture the UFO seen by human observers, and sometimes they do not. During World War Two, a series of inexplicable radar sightings of large formations of UFOs stunned even the most skeptical military personnel. S. Navy officer James Dawson (a pseudonym) was a combat information officer patrolling Nanseishoto, a group of Japanese islands. S. ” They were below deck, 43 44 SIGHT UNSEEN monitoring the huge radarscope. Every thirty seconds, the radar plotters and operator reported changes within a hundred-mile radius.

I was at my friend’s, which is on the other side of the street and about five houses up. We were in the basement— which is the way we usually ended up playing in the house—and coloring pictures. Craypas, as a matter of fact, is what we used to use, and I was coloring my favorite scene at the time that I colored over and over, sort of an island tropical scene on a beach, palm trees, very bright oranges and yellows, sunset time in the sky, and I usually tried to throw in a few little birds up in the sky as well.

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