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By Samantha Stevens

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Are looking to seek advice from angels? The Seven Rays: A common consultant to the Archangels, the 1st name within the Spirit Books sequence, teaches you ways to enhance a courting with the Archangels (known because the Seven Rays) utilizing prayer, affirmations, candle burning, visualizations and meditation. Samantha Stevens takes you thru the origins and energies of the Seven Archangels: Michael (protection), Zadkiel (joy), Uriel (peace), Chamuel (love), Gabriel (guidance), Jophiel (illumination) and Raphael (healing) and examines their courting to prepared and old religions reminiscent of Christianity, Buddhism and New Age cults. The Seven Rays is an inspirational consultant to help you make that decision, and learn how to be an Angel in the world.

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The angels do bless those who find themselves in a state of surrender or unconditional bliss. Peace Be Still If you want to channel the angels, you have to first be a clear conduit for the information. I am fond of Paramahansa Yoganada's somewhat corny, yet accurate description of the human psyche as a radio that can be tuned to pick up different frequencies. Most of us are tuned to chaotic frequencies created by our busy minds and bodies. Our psyches are full of the static interference that is created by other people's demands, deadlines, anxieties and problems.

That ball of light above your head is what talks to other souls and angels on your behalf. It sends messages to your chakras that in turn deal with issues of survival, sexuality, communication, your ability to give or receive love, self-expression, second sight and the ability to receive divine guidance. If you manage to plug into this higher source and light up all your chakras, you are said to have awakened your kundalini (the Buddhist name for an upward spiral of energy). The ball of light known as the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination or the center of Christ Consciousness relates strongly to the heart chakra, which is seen as a pinpoint of light.

A "no" from the angels might just mean that there is a silver lining in that cloud hanging over your head. In general, if you don't have an answer to your problem within three months, you can safely assume that there is no answer and for some reason you are supposed to live with the situation. It is important that you not take this as rejection from the angels. An angel doesn't take things personally like you do. You just have to trust that the universe is unfolding in its own time, and in its own way and just as it should.

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