Sedimentary Structures Their Character and Physical Basis - download pdf or read online

By John R.L. Allen (Eds.)

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M. Ball, 1967; Houboult, 1968; Park, 1974). Many prove to be wholly constructional features, resting on a level substrate which extends beneath them between exposures on the floors of the adjacent channels. Multiple internal reflectors are commonly evident, dipping in the same direction and at a similar gentle slope to the steeper side of the ridge. Evidently the banks grow or move partly in the same direction as the steeper face. Even though large sand waves are commonly superimposed, the shelly sands making up the banks are cross-bedded on a modest scale and commonly bioturbated.

D. Caston ( 1972) has persuasively demonstrated how the sigmoidal and linear banks may be related as stages within an evolutionary morphological series. Off (1963) sketched an hypothesis of the origin of tidal current ridges which involved transverse instabilities in the tidal flows as the cause of “bands of slower current” in which the structures accumulated, although his analogy with river channels is perhaps far-fetched. Allen (1968b, 1968g), Houboult (1968), and Caston and Stride (1970) backed this implied role of secondary currents, for which Houboult could adduce some confirmatory field evidence.

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