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In Secret Life, Professor David M. Jacobs of Temple collage takes us into the non-public global of these kidnapped through extraterrestrial beings, permitting them to describe of their personal phrases what it truly is wish to be kidnapped. in line with interviews with sixty members and greater than three hundred independently corroborated money owed, Secret existence presents the main whole and exact photo of alien abductions ever compiled. Dr. Jacobs takes the reader on a minute-by-minute trip via a regular abduction event and describes intimately the unusual actual, psychological and reproductive approaches that abductees declare were administered through small alien beings. Jacobs attracts from those interviews a profoundly unsettling cause of the abductions: extraterrestrial beings are accomplishing a posh reproductive test regarding the notion, gestation. or incubation of human and alien hybrid beings.

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In 1948 the government assigned the Air Force the task of investigating the UFO reports to determine whether or not these objects posed a threat to the national security. Government interest in UFOs also spilled over into the Army, Navy, and CIA, which mounted small-scale investigations of sightings. Even J. 2 In these early days of UFOs, the Air Force and the public fell prey to several outlandish hoaxes and rumors. A citizen in Maryland reported that a flying saucer had crashed in his backyard and that he had recovered it.

Answers Chapter 12. Questions Afterword: Final Thoughts Appendix A: A Few Words about Methodology Appendix B: The Abductees Appendix C: Diagraming the Abduction Notes Acknowledgments Foreword The idea that men, women, and children can be taken against their wills from their homes, cars, and schoolyards by strange humanoid beings, lifted onto spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying, and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely rejected out of hand or bizarrely distorted in most media accounts.

And let us imagine that the imbalance created by the overgrowth of certain human faculties, a kind of technodestructive and fear-driven acquisitiveness, were “diagnosed” (perceived? fathomed? —we really do not know how the divinity might experience itself and its creation) as the basic problem. What could be done as a corrective? The two natural approaches of which we can conceive would be the genetic and the environmental. Is it possible that through a vast hybridization program affecting countless numbers of people, and a simultaneous invasion of our consciousness with transforming images of our self-destruction, an effort is being made to place the planet under a kind of receivership?

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