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By Chris Carter

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ISBN-13: 9781594774522

"Reveals the proof of existence past death"--Provided via publisher.


finds the proof of existence past death.

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The driver had been distraught over losing her own children in a custody battle, and was later confined to a mental hospital. The parents grieved, but John Pollock believed that the girls had survived death, and felt that they remained close to the family. When his wife Florence became pregnant again early in 1958, he confidently asserted that the two deceased sisters would be reborn as twins. Despite the opinion of her physician that she would have a single baby (he could only hear one fetal heartbeat), on October 4, 1958, Florence Pollock gave birth to twin girls.

THE TRANSMISSION HYPOTHESIS The idea that the brain functions as an intermediary between mind and body is an ancient one. But it has been discussed and endorsed by modern thinkers, such as Henri Bergson, William James, and Ferdinand Schiller. The form of interactive dualism implied by this relationship has also been endorsed by several modern philosophers, including Curt Ducasse, Karl Popper, Robert Almeder, and Neal Grossman, and by several prominent neuroscientists, including renowned brain surgeon Wilder Penfield and Nobel Laureate Sir John Eccles.

But by the time Bishen Chand was five, he had mentioned many details of a previous life. He claimed that his name had been Laxmi Narain, and that he had an uncle named Har Narain. He also claimed that his father had been a wealthy landowner, and frequently expressed disdain for his present family’s poverty. His father earned the meager salary of a clerk in the railway service, and could only support his family with difficulty. Bishen Chand reproached his father for his poverty, tore cotton clothes off and demanded silk ones, and complained that even the servants in his previous life would not touch the food they insisted he eat.

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